Didimus the Blind

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Greetings in the Lord.
I am looking for information on Didimus the Blind. (sometimes spelled Dedimus) I was reading a book where the Pope made referance to him as an example, however have not found any info online yet. Any thing you could share, or resources would be wonderful. Thank You! :)


  • I know he composed the hymn [coptic]Omonogen/c[/coptic] with St. Athanasius
  • Hello,

    This article traces the role of St. Didymus and others in Coptic history.

    Also, you might check out the Catholic Encyclopedia Online, which has some general information on his life, writings, etc. However, you should remember their perspective is not Orthodox.
  • There is some information on Didymus the blind in Fr. Tadros's Books The School of Alexanderia, Parts I and II. You can find specific pages by searching copticchurch.net or following this link:

  • Many Thanks to everyone for your help! ...I'm off to do some reading!

    Yours in Christ,
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