st simeon the holy fool

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id really love some information about this holy saint, i dont wanna just serch the net i need a Coptic approved biography of this saint,
plz if anyone has any info let me know, im very interested in this saint.


  • I found a brief summary of his life, but I'm not sure that it's the right saint:

    I also found another website, it's not Coptic, but it is from the Orthodox church:
  • nah i think there diffferent ones,
    this one was amazing.

    "Simeon's saintly career started out quite normally. It was the usual story: 29 years living on lentils in an isolated cave next to the Dead Sea, at first struggling against temptation and then advancing to an alarming degree of holiness. But Simeon's story took a dramatic turn when he left his cave one day and set out for the city of Emesa in Syria. Arriving at the city gate, he found a dead dog on a dungheap, tied its leg to the rope around his waist, and entered the city dragging the comatose canine behind him.

    This was only the beginning. For Simeon had decided to play the fool in order to mock the idiocy of the world and also to conceal his own identity as a saint. His behaviour was eccentric and, of course, scandalous...

    During the church services, he threw nuts at the clergy and blew out the candles. In the circus, he wrapped his arms around the dancing-girls and went skipping and dancing across the arena. In the streets, he tripped people up, developed a theatrical limp, and dragged himself around on his buttocks. In the bath-house, he ran naked into the crowded women's section. On solemn fasting days he feasted riotously, consuming vast amounts of beans – with predictable and hilarious results. In his lifetime, Simeon was regarded as a madman, as an unholy scandal.

    iT WAS ONLY AFTER his death that the secret life of Simeon came to light. People started to talk about his acts of kindness – and about his strange and powerful miracles. There was the poor mule driver whose vinegar Simeon turned into wine so that he could start a successful tavern. There was the rich man who was saved from death when Simeon threw a lucky triple six at dice. And there was the young man Simeon punched on the jaw to save him from an affair with a married woman.

    St Simeon the Holy Fool was a secret saint, his story was a holy farce, and his life shows how God chooses 'the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; the weak things of the world to shame the strong' (1 Corinthians 1:27)."

    i found that of a website, but i wanted more depth, this will however give u an idea of wat he did

  • Oh, well his story kind of reminds me of Saint Ana Simon. I love her story, she did the same thing and pretended to play a fool, she's one of my favorite saints, because it takes a lot of courage to do that. But yeah, I learn something new every day. ;)
  • Is that means ...Ican run naked at women clubs...or that's for saints only.................. :D :D :D
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