My Poem #3!!!

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Hey u guys!!! I have written another poem!! I thought of posting it!!! I hope u like it!!!

[center]Two Paths
Sorrow without that love.
He is the one who sends it from above!
Choosing what path to take!
One is true and the other is fake!
One path is full of light!
The other, is full of fright!
You choose the wrong way!
And you wish to go back some day!
You ask yourself, what you should do!
You want His love and gentleness too.
You think and think and think, but nothing.
Your heart to sin is what you’re selling.
Your heart is missing a piece that needs to be filled!
But your heart is black and very still.
Afterwards, you go back!
And your heart changes to red, not black!
Your missing piece in your heart is now filled again!
Then you start with the same cycle you had done then!


  • Great poem thanks for posting, i liked your second one better though but these are all still great
  • EXCELLENT job, I really enjoy reading your poems, but instead I think you should of sticked with your poem page 1 and then written all your poems there, since it's easier, just a thought, but this was REALLY good! May God Bless you always and for eternity!!

    Coptic Servent
  • Thnx u guys!!!
  • That wuz nice
  • [quote author=mannan link=topic=6116.msg81266#msg81266 date=1200933920]
    That wuz nice

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