Asomen To Kirio

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Text of Asomen to Kirio.

Download attachment below:


  • Hey Mike,
    I was wondering, how did yo get that attachment into the reply? Thats pretty cool and very useful.
  • Banoub,

    There's an Attach box when you are replying or filling in a new response on the forums that you can use.
  • Oh Ok. Thanks a lot. :)
  • Wow thanks much
  • forgive me, i think im blind. where is this attach box located??
  • Actually, attachments were only enabled for administrators. We have changed that and all members can post attachments now. Thanks Mark for the note.
  • hey i can down load the text, is it because im in australia?
  • G.J.I,
    You need Acrobat Reader to open this file. I live in Australia too, but can open the file perfect.

    Maybe that helps?
  • yeh i have it, it didnt work
    :o ur from australia, where in australia
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