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hello everyone!
this game will not only help u with ur vocabulary but it will also help fight hunger

Gbu all and plz p4m


  • Thanks for the link to the site. This is great.

    Question "how many grains equals a meal?"
  • Markos123, the site doesn't say exactly, however if I may copy and paste from the Free-Rice Facebook group:

    I found the site which states that 20,547 grains of rice are needed to feed a person for 1 day.

    According to this site 800 million people go hungry every day.

    On 11 November 2007, 136,236,930 grains of rice were donated.

    This is enough to feed 6,630 people using the figures the other site provides.

    In the past month this site has increased by 34x. If this trend continues it would generate a lot of rice but it still would not be doing much good.

    So this site would feed .0000075 percent of the worlds population.

    But the goal of this site is not to feed every person in the world. It is to get the message out there that people are starving and it gives people ways they can help.

    If 10 people did this for 20 minutes a day it would be enough to feed 1 person.

    So don't expect to feed the world playing this game but play it anyways because you don't need to feed the world. If you make 1 persons life a little better than isn't it worth 20 minutes of your time? Plus you get to expand your vocabulary in the process.

    As the previous person said, we're not feeding the whole world, however, it's still a start and it's better to feed a few than to feed none at all, yes?

    I'd also recommend the following websites for one quick click to help numerous organizations:
    Donate 1.1 cups of food -
    Free Mammograms -
    Child Health Care -
    Free Books for Children -
    Preserve the Rainforest -
    Animal Rescue -

    Granted, this seems like a lot of sites, however, each site links to each other so it's easier to do it through there. It's possible to click and donate in all 6 websites in about less than a minute of time.
  • people just go to and copy and paste the words... feed people, but be wise about it...
  • seriously???

    me playing  a word game on the internet feeds ppl??
    are you sure?
    that's so cool..
    but, how and why???
  • [quote author=copticcross3 link=topic=5991.msg80160#msg80160 date=1197267109]

    me playing  a word game on the internet feeds ppl??
    are you sure?
    that's so cool..
    but, how and why???

    Ya srlsy.
    Yes it is.
    How - everytime you play the game, sponsors pop up at the bottom of the page. Those sponsors give the money to the website that allows them to pay for the rice.
    Why - Sponsors make money off of potential customers and why not feed people?
  • this is sooooooo cool!!!
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