When times get tough

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hi guys... times are getting really difficult and everything seems to go wrong... especially with skool. I found a huge drop in marks from last year although i have been working just as hard (my marks are not bad but not as high as i want them to be) i feel really depressed and every time i rely on God's hand beside me, i still end up disappointed with my marks. I don't know wat else to do.. i ve been studying, praying and still no resuts.
wat do i do? :(
Please any words of wisdom, and comfort would really help
and prayers would be even better
Thank u guys for ur time,
God Bless u all


  • First off the prayers and intercessions of the saints be with you. Secondly just keep at it, keep praying keep studying and just do your best. its possible that the material you are studying requires much more attention then your previous courses in school and by studying the same amount for a harder course might not work. One thing i suggest you do(and this is something i personally do) is say a small prayer and read a chapter or so in the Bible before you begin your hw saying God help me with what i'm about to study and open my mind and let whatever i study stick in my head, and let me understand what i am about to read in your Holy Word. i find this really helps me stay on task and helps me get things done. One thing i must tell you is never give up, if you truley studied and God doesn't let you pass then it is for the better (somehow in which i can't tell you) I have a story for you,(and i believe its a true one) one time in egypt during the six day war a young man was studying and taking an exam for his degree. he studied and studied and truley did his best on the exam. he ended up being the only one to fail in his class and was forced to retake it. his collegues went on and were drafted in to the army. they all died in the war. he was saved from this because he did not pass his exam making him unelligible to be drafted. now i'm sure this is not your case but i guess its a good thing to keep in mind and
    don't despair. you will do fine i'm sure and let God's Will be Done

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness,
  • i agree with jydeacon 100% and he has mentioned good points. and when you pray, dont expect God to answer immediately, give God time. and also your your part.

    Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. -James 1:3-5
  • I read this message from one of my friend's blog things..and I thought it  was a really nice way of looking at things...she said:

    "Dont u HATEEE working hard for something.. and then not getting the results for it?I think the worst feeling is when you work sooooo hardd for something and not get it in the end. Have you ever studied soooo hard for a test, and worked till you had no more energy left in you.. and after finally finding out the results... it is a stupid mark like 70% and u could have sworn u knew everything in and out?.. thats the WORST feeling ever because u feel like all your hard work has gone down the drain. And u think to ur self.. if i worked this hard... and got this mark.. then wuts the point?.. why am i even trying? That has happened to me before.. and probably to alota other ppl .. I asked God why this happened.. u saw how hard I worked..?... then... i got this voice telling me... I have worked sooo hard for you... rivers of blood flowing out of me.. in order to gain your love. and when i get the results by searching your heart.. they are usually bad.. or not enough for how much I've worked for you. What more could I have done?.. i gave our love my all... i gave my life.. wishing to get good results.. wishing for u to even acknowledge my presence. If you think u worked hard cuz u studied for wut.. a couple of hours?... God gave you EVERYTHING!!!!. So dont hurt Him, and when you hear him calling.. dont harden your heart, and give Him the results that he wants to see. .........maybe then you'll think twice before complaining about your marks."
  • God Bless u guys... u don't know how much that really helped...jydeacon thanks for the advice its extremely helpful... He Wept that verse is extremely touching especially in my situation right now... wats really amazing is that when i came home from skool today i was really upset and i asked God (in my head) y is it that everytime i ask for ur help that my marks end up even lower than before... and wats really cool is that i actually came across the verse that He Wept posted 3 TIMES. 1 of them from He Wept, one from a friend and a third time when i was reading something. This is truly touching and i thought that i had to share that with u guys.
    Finally, Child of Faith... that message u posted was incredible... the can 100% relate to that because that has been happening to me at the momment... after reading that message, i dont even have the guts to open my mouth and complain.
    Thank u all sooo much... however i ask u guys to do me a favour and remember me in ur prayers... im in grade 11 and my marks are very important to get into university.
    God Bless,
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