Does anyone know where i can find contemplations or the coptic orthodox understanding of Jabez?  He is mentioned in first chronicles chapter 4 verses 9-10

Thank you


  • i dont have  a site but if u go ahead ask any questions ill be glad to answer them for u
  • well i was just wondering what was his significance exactly and why there are so many contemplations on him.  I am trying to find out why the writer of chronicles out of that whole genealogy decided to talk about jabez a little extra with a few more verses. 

  • the reason there are so many contemplations is becasue he was the person who's prayer was answerred the fastest within the bible..his prayer was answered within the same verse.

    for this reason many people wanted to discover what was so special about jebez's prayer that made god answer his payer so fast...

    for the second part of the question...i have no idea..but that is why scholars are really interested in this prayer!
  • do you know if anyone within the Coptic church has written any contemplations on jabez
  • read the intro to the book the prayer of Jabez its by a protestant man, but my foc gave it to me, so it can't be that bad

    the book is cheap and it helps you so much, its gives you simiple steps to sky rocketing your spirtual life, and relates it all to jabez
  • Is the book about this mans contemplations on Jabez and is the author a man by the name of wilkinson?
  • There are no complications around Jabez in the Coptic Orthodox Church.

    His prayer has been taken out of context by the modern "prosperity bible" so-called evangelists that concentrates on the earthly carnal life and the "be all you can be" capitalist mind set and tries to apply within spirituality. Hence the confusion and the contradiction about the man and his prayer that is like a token of good luck now in Protestant circles. Blind they were, blind they are and blind they will remain.

    Yet his story can be the subject of meditation and in depth spiritual teachings if the observer is concentrating on heaven rather than on the earth and its lusts.
  • I'd like someone to kindly give more details about this subject please because no books about it seem to be available around here?

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