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lately i have been wondering about this term .."wellbeing"
i am wondering what is our christain definition of it and how so much it differs from other christains like catholics.

even more so waht about the general people in the world the successful people who look for well being.. their definitoin usually involves great job friends family fun actvites good things that doint hurt people abidance by the law etc  =of course it is sometime exploited.

how so are we diffrent from them and does being diffrent really acheive us being happy about it or is it a struggle.

can struggle contribute to well being?


  • According to the literal definition of wellbeing which is :the state of being happy, healthy, or prosperous : welfare. Spiritually the state of being happy is when you are with God and not in the midst of the worlds sins. Being healthy spiritually is when you are at a constant growth in the relationship between you and God and Well prospering spiritually is when you gain through (As you mentioned) struggle the goals that you achieve of being humble, gentle hearted, pure, obedient etc... 

    This is my opinion So correct me on anything that seems weird to you. p4m
  • As a Christian, you are privy to the Truth of anthropology, and that is that you are spirit in possession of a body. This understanding is essential and underpins our perception of the world; the way we interact with other creatures, with other people and with the Creator. It is this that underscores the meaning of "wellbeing". Even if our body be under strife, our Spirit may be strong. Since they are in a certain union, we cannot completely divorce or pretend there is some dichotomy here, but we must realize this truth to prioritise and make an accurate picture of what wellbeing would look like.
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