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so im a bit confused as to how God's will can fit into my life... How do I know im on the path that God wants me to be on; because i've heard that God has an ideal plan for each of us individually, but sometimes our own will and actions conflict with His plan so we ultimately miss out on God's perfect plan for our life. SO my question is, if we stay close to Christ, and apply His teachings to our lives...then are we safe...(ie. living out His plan?)

And for certain big decisions that we have to make throughout the course of our lives .. how can we know what God wants us to do? Will He make sure everything works out according to His will somehow so long as I stay close to Him, love Him, and essentially seek His will for my life? 


  • The best and most important thing to do is pray. and when you pray always say According to Your Will O Lord and not according to mine. also when you say the lords prayer do you not say thy will be done. so yes as long as you are close to Christ and you follow his commandments He will show you the path he wants you to take.
  • if u read th bible u would have no problems. ;D if u r tempted think to urself, would God do that? ??? u have to think about it and if u can't find away to answer then u pray and i am sure with faith God will answer. but only if u truly believe. ;) God wants the best for u. :D and if u fall into sin God won't hate u he would still love u. ;D but wen u return back to his side he would be even happier and would be filled with joy in his heart.  :D here is a little thing that would explain how happy God would be and how badly he would want u back. a really good friend of mine sent it to me yesterday. ;) :) ;D i hope u like it. ;D :D And i hope u understand the meaning and wut is going on. :P ;D :D's&total=255&start=0&num=10&so=0&type=search&plindex=0
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