Shock of a lifetime!!

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I've got a massive prblm tht i need advice,answers and help on. The prblm is as follows: A intermediate friend at school was tlking to me , while we were talking she said she DOSEN'T beleive in God . (We attend a Coptic Collegee). I was suprised, shocked, thought she was jking. later she confirmed it, as she trust's me and opened up openley. She said she kind of beleives the exsetience of God, but dosen't want His presence in her life AT ALL.

The thing is that she is Castholic, parents didn't raise her in the fear of God, go to church only on occasians. her best friend dsnt beleive in God at ALL, which makes it extremely hard. Everyone in class keeps away from her, don't wnt to give a helping hand or any help whtsoever. I tried speaking to her, she accepts it but how do i bring Her closer to God??

You see, as St.paul said that were all members of christ, Christ is the head were the rest. Which means if the finger is in pain the whole body is in pain. Which means if one of our bros/sis is in ppain,struggle hardship or needs a helping hand we all feel the pain. God sat with the tax collector and the sinners, "I have not come for the righteous, but sinners to repentance". I spoke to Abouna he said try to talk to her in a nice way, try to gain her. That is exactly wht i'm doing, but wrds by themselves are not tht effective it is accompnaied with prayer also. But What can i do than pray, and tlk to her?? Any pratical ideas?? Please help me.

Please help my weak self, ASAP.
Pray for my weakness.

Your's in Christ,

Coptic Youth.


  • Brother, don't think that anything you can do can bring her to Christ. It is the Holy Spirit that ultimately does the work. You are just the catalyst- the partaker in the Divine Will of God; an instrument that can bring about God's plan- one He can achieve by any other means. Thus, believe that in prayer and in supplicating the Holy Spirit that you may see by His strength and His wisdom the change in your sister.

    Witness to her that the life in God and with God is one to be treasured. Let your light shine, so that all may see. You are the salt of the earth, if the salt loses its flavour how shall it be seasoned? What use is it to her if you can not show by your own life that the presence of God is something you can really experience, and is one of joy.

    And remember that these things take time. It took until the prodigal son had been eating with swine before he realised the priviledged life he had under his father's care.
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    To reiterate what Thomas has said, there is nothing you can do to bring her to God.  It is not you who will bring her to God, but God Himself will draw her back to Him.  That being said, while it is great to talk about God and about the Scripture, to quote Hamlet, 'suit the action to the word, the word to the action'.  Thus, you must live the Scripture.  You are to provide her with a visual example of Christ.  She should 'see your good works' and then will, 'glorify [her] Father in heaven'.  In the end, it is your actions and not your words that will aid in her return to God.
  • Hi Κηφᾶς
    Pray, pray and pray for her. Also discuss with her why she doesn't want a God in her life. Reason with her that we are the light of the world and can't be like the rest of the ungodly people. I have a friend who was brought up in a catholic family and a few years ago was about to go into the same dilemna. He is now back but the only reason he did not want God was because of lustful desires, limitations and the false freedom. Make sure u don't just leave her to go astray but make sure u help her. There is a lot u can do but remeber to be wise and discuss it at the right time. 
    Keep us informed of what happens as all of us care.
    Pray 4 me
  • Dear Coptic Youth,

    The advice our brothers in Christ have given you is correct. What can you do? You can, in the way you live your life, witness to the Risen Lord. So often Christians miss this very practical example of how to evangelize.

    If she, and others, see you and other Christians living the Christian life, you have done all that you can - until she asks you questions.

    In Christ,

  • Whatever you do, don't try to stuff things down her throat, it will only turn her away.  Instead, preach by your actions. 

  • Start one step at a time, sit down with her and try to understand her reasoning for saying what she is saying to you. It might just be a phase that she is going through... And take it one step at a time, next try to show her love through your actions, try to give her a book that you've read that really got to you, see if she can come with you to church one day... etc
    God Bless
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