no longer blasting taraneem:(

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hi everyone,
it seems like whenever a problem occurs, i run straight to cuz its where i find comfort and i know that u guys pray 4 me cuz it works. sorry if anyone hates reading my life problems!

so, my family just moved into a house; all our lives its been apartment after apartment. but today, im kinda regretting moving here. imagine u in ur room, blasting taraneem, then going outside to check if you can hear the taraneem from the street. as u r going back in ur house, u hear someone calling ur name from across the street and u see a bunch of kids. u cant tell who they r, but they must know u cuz they want u to come over there. so u do cuz u think that they r ur friends and as ur crossing the street, they run around the corner and they curse the worst curses at u in arabic. u get upset then before u can do anything, ur mom tells u to go inside cuz the devil 'wezohom' cuz i was listening to taraneem. then u see a few of them again going to play basketball down ur block, but only the guys are there and not the girls. u think u recognize one of the guys although its dark, as the brother of a girl that used to b ur friend but ended up not really liking u. but ur not sure. although they live nearby, u dont want to accuse falsely. then u remember that today in class u told this girl (who u really dont know, but she seems nice and she used to go to grammar school with ur big bro) that u just moved and u find out that she lives around the corner. it could b her.

a little later, as u r still blasting the speakers with taraneem, someone throws a pair of small sneakers at the window downstairs. ur father (who is limping becuz of an injured leg) runs around the corner to see who it was but sees no one. u r a little shaken up but then u go back to ur taraneem. u know that God will take care of it. then, just a short time after, imagine having an egg thrown at ur house and ur father running again and yelling. there is no choice but to call the police and u do, but wat can they do? u have only lived in this house for 2 days and already u  want to move out. u feel like u r not safe and u cant possibly imagine who would hate u so much, after all, u luv evryone and u couldnt really recognize the voice that was calling u across the street.

and u no longer have ur windows open and the volume up on the taraneem...

everyone, im sorry if this got too specific or personal or long but i need a lot of ur blessed prayers and advice.



  • I'm guessing that you live in Egypt, so i'm really not too surprised espicially since you had the windows open. so it could have been any muslim walking in the street. now the person who knew your name the only thing i can think of is that it was the devil saying that stuff through that kid because you were listening to taraneem. same thing with the shoes and the eggs i wouldn't let it get to your head, just keep listening to your taraneem but there is really no reason to broadcast to the whole block, just keep your windows shut, here in the US (still guessing that you live in Egypt) we aren't allowed to play loud music to the point that people can call the police and say that you are disturbing the peace. so i never blast the music or alhan or anything so as not to upset the neighbors because nobody else really wants to listen to what you are listening to
  • im guesssin u live in the US lol
    well my 2 cents would be to not blast the taraneem lol
    i mean the point of taraneem is to bring someone closer too God not to use as sometype of music and blast it
    these people as wrong as tehy are dont want to listen to it, and we have to respect that just as we woud not want ot listen to our muslim brothers cranking up their koran (altho unfrotunatley here in egypt w kinda dont have that option)
    Our father St Paul the Apostle once said "to the Jews i became a Jew and to the Gentiles i became a Gentile"  by this he meant that in order to deal with a certain type of people (so he can preach to them) he had to be one of them and talk like one of them...thus we cant deal with everyone the we have to find a median path
    I hope i helped...God Bless
  • There's not much you can do except pray, and try to keep the noise down.

    +God Bless.
  • To be honest, I advise you to take action. This can make your life very miserable. I would get a security system for my house. It makes me feel a lot more safe, plus when i leave, i feel that the house will be ok. Otherwise, I would move again. I know this sounds bad to you, but it may be for your own benefit and your whole family's. God knows what they are planning to do next.

  • sorry guys, i forgot to tell u that i live in the US.
    by the way, i was blasting the taraneem of my laptop so it wasnt that loud. and when i went outside to check if u could hear it, u really couldnt unless u concentrated really hard, but that was only cuz i knew it was on.
    dear PK, i dont think that we can move but i'll see if my father can afford a security system, thats a great idea!
    its just that we moved here 3 days ago and its the first time that we have a house and not an apartment. i even have my own room this time!
    thanks to all for ur responses and please pray for my family cuz we r living in fear.
  • heyy jsangel have no fear becuz jesus i near.  u r always in mi prayers. 

    plzz p4m sisetr in Christ
  • jsangel do not be upset or angry at these people. Although they do evil things to you remember the pain and suffering our Lord Jesus Christ went through. Pray and ask for His comfort and guidance through these hard times, God will fill your life with peace. Remember also what the Lord said to his disciples: "Most assuredly, I say to you that you will weep and lament, but the world will rejoice; and you will be sorrowful, but your sorrow will be turned into joy....(He later goes on to say) "These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world." -John 16 

    I hope these quotes can help you through these difficult times, nobody likes to be disliked, especially when you seem like a sincere and kind person, but remember that "no servant is greater than his master." God Bless you and pray for me. 
  • I am sorry QT_PA_2T but I do not agree with you. It does not matter whether they are muslims or not first of all. And I do not think that some one should start playing baptist music to let them know we are Christians or to make them happy for a week or two and then go back to playing taraneem, that is just hypocritical.
  • lol QT- you're opinionated and just make me laugh. GBU.
  • I don't understand why a religion that says to carry your cross; that its adherents will be despised by the world; that teaches not to embrace the world; that they are to become fools for Christ; that their wisdom is distinct from the world; that follows a leader that was rejected by his very own people; a faith that professes that people will know you are of that discipleship if you love; that honors charity greater than faith; that professes we have been redeemed by a grace that we did not merit; that is told that grace is given to the humble; that has been warned that many antichrists and pseudogospels will arise...could even begin to hate and feel infuriated that they are called "monkeys or Kuffari pigs".
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