+~many prayers needed!!!~+

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without getting into too much detail (cuz if i do, i will end up writing a novel on how my weekend stunk)
~please pray for my family
~pray that our friend will be able to stay in america to study or at least a visa extension instead of being sent off to africa...he is a major servant in our church and we wouuldnt be where we are today without his blessed help
~pray that my brothers friendd will b healed soon, that the insurance will pay for my bros totaled car, and that my brother will wisen up and realize that his girlfriend is causing him to forsake his family, friends, and most importantly GOD for her and she only causes problems
~also, i have these athiest people in my high school and i dont know how to deal with them cuz ive never dealt with athiests before- any advice?  we were pretending to have a case about prayer in public school and our US1 teacher said that in her opinion, religion makes u a better person and gives u morals, and then this kids hand shot up and he said, "u can get as many morals from a dr. seuss book as a Bible." that got me so mad! he and his friend then hi-fived like it was something to be proud of and then his friend said that he believed in a higher power but that no religion on this earth was the right one. at least hes not athiest, but it still got me mad and i went home furious but my mom told me not to hate them and to pray for them. also this is a lesson to all christians out there---the one kid who believed in a higher power said that evry religious person he met was mean and snobby and he thought that they used their religion as an excuse to get somewhere after they die----so everyone, represent Christ out in the world by ur actions and u might actually get someone to believe in Jesus because of the way u act!

sorry if i babbled senselessly
i really need ur prayers

GBU alll


  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    The prayers of the righteous Abba Paul be with you.
  • The prayers and intercessions of the Lady of us all St. Mary and Archangel Michael and the prayers of our father St. Mark the apostle, St. George the prince of martyrs and Anba Kyrolos be with you.
  • and St Bakhomious.! 

    Your mum [ausie spelling] is absolutely right, PRAY!
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