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  • i might be of some help here
    each one can send me his or her picture at
    [email protected] with your name in the body of the e-mail and i will put that up on my site then i will create a page for each one that sends me a pic and i will send you back the page address so that you can put it in your profile.
    hopefully that can solve the problem and make the idea work ;)
  • Wasim,
    Are you sure that server allows you to use it's storage space to link pictures in other websites? Cus if it doesn't then the picture won't appear. Just in case, save your pictures as .txt files.

    Example, if your gonna save your picture as "paul", then type in "paul.txt" instead. That way the server reads it as a text file and doesn't think your linking the picture or using it's space for storage. just an idea...
  • why don't you just upload your picture under this discussion. I don't see why that wouldn't work.

  • gotta a point there...anyway, i put my pic in my profile..its sorta wack cus the biggest its allowed to be is 75x75 so you can't really see can put ur picture in the the discussion but you'll be wasting a lot of the space on the site's server and its gonna run A LOT slower if every body posts there picture here...maybe this isn't such a good idea :-\
  • ok to answer the questions one by one
    First the server should allow me to do whatever i want because that server is my school server and part of it is dedicated to my website (i am not sure how big of space i have but i will stop when they tell me i got to the limit :D)
    The second thing i thought the main idea is that you would have your picture under your name so instead of posting them all in one place then going back and forth to see who is who plus as you guys said you are only allowed a certian amount of picture space on each discussion
  • Hey all! This is my first post :)
    Are you all asking how to put up your own picture as your profile display picture?
    Well, I went to my msn profile and changed the picture to this one I have.. and then I clicked on the picture and copied the address and then pasted that in the tasbeha profile and that it.
    Hope this helped, GBU all
  • U think things cant get worse? lol, just wait, ur still just entering puberty, it's not gettin any better 8) :P
  • :o, r u serious about this??? I didn''t mean it that way at allllllllllllllllllllllll, so thousand times sorry if u were hurt or upset in any way :)

    so, we all cool again ;D
  • ANd oh yeah, are we starting this new thread where everybody will post a pic of him/herself, or isn't this for real?? ???
  • ok first off please calm down marmar
    second i don't think matt or sherry meant anything bad and your right you might have already hit your puberity point and we don't know yet. We can't judge you and we shouldn't as a matter of fact
    i think they were just kidding around with you and just trying to tell you what they went through nothing more or less
    and its just something inside each human to look at each person who is younger than him or her and think they don't know anything like matt and sherry
    don't worry i will beat them up for you after
    after all you got relatives in columbus ;)
  • no comment, lol, well actually i do...I didnt look at her as a younger person who doesn't know anytihin, actually, i think i'm the one with the five years old mind ;D...
  • omg, thats hilarious, matt at u mad :)
  • ok ok
    everyone calm down im not ment to be harsh or aggressive and im not judging on age i think its maybe the way u talk
    u seem 2 b a loud mouth i guess
    calm down
    and im sorry for any thing u found stupid
    hmmn i am just triyen to tell u something of personal experiance u should b thankful and keep that in mind
    oh and that red coloured writing post thingy was all a joke except for the homework part yeh u should b studing n e ways
    pls do not take things offensive and all
    there is a certain age for puberty
    and yes soooo many things change wen u hit it
    the way u talk can show lotsa things about u
    i just have to wait a bit more to no u better
    okies bye
  • sherry uve dissappointed me, and i thought u were the nice quiet one, jennys rubbin off on ya.
  • george, ur a weirdo ::) :P

    no comment :P
  • is wierd if i aggree with ur comment??
  • huh wat doz that mean?! ???
  • dont worry
    ensha Ala ull get it nxt time.
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