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as a christian can we believe that we have a determined destiny?
or cant we since we have free will?


  • as orthodox we do not believe in destiny... everything we do,we do with our own free will... we cant say pre-destiney is the same thing as God's pre-knowledge... God knows wat we are going to do but he did not plan that out but we chose everything.... He can see wat we r going to do before hand though... like He knew Adam and Eve were going to eat the fruit but He didnt plan for that to happen... this is a very confusing topic but just to answer the question... we dont believe in destiney or God's pre-destination but we do believe in God's pre-knowledge
  • as copts we replace the word destiny with God's will.
  • Actually, when they say that we have free will, it's the will of choosing God, and heaven, nothing more. We may be "free" to choose what we want here on earth, but take a closer look. If you continually use your "free will" for that certain object of desire, you fall slave to it, and you're no longer "free". We're free to choose God, other than that, our destiny is already out for us.

  • ok thanks guys, God gives you the choice of choosing your own path and many times her will try to help you not stray.....but at the end he knew what was going to happen from the beginning

  • Yup

  • we always mistake God's Omnipotence with His Power.. just because He knows all doesn't mean we are not deciding factors in how it plays out.. His will for us is that we become His children and behave like it... our "fate" or where we end up rather is in our own hands as a direct result of our faith and works.
  • so hes our light thst guides us.....we just need to open our eyes and c :) :) :)

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