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The verse of the day that the Coptic church site does isn't very good... its the psalm of the day for the liturgy and those repeat, alot, so i was wondering if anyone else no where i could get a verse a day sent to my phone?


  • ooh that's interesting. i want that too!
  • I remember a priest, or was it a bishop? ???, said that they do that in Holland (Holland does a great job with keep in touch with their youth.) They send verses and stuff via cell phone. I don't know you may want to try that and set it up on your phone.

    If I may suggest, reading John 3:16 in the morning is a great idea. I remember hearing a story of how a lady read it every day and the devil couldn't touch her. Also are you wanting a verse or a psalm?
  • Krazylion,
    I think that can send you a verse on your cell phone. Is that verse daily just the Psalm of the Day?
  • yea the verse a day that coptic church does is just the psalm of the day... the psalm repeats ALOT, AND THUS THE verse of the day becomes like the verse of the week....

    i was wondering if anyone knew where else i can sign up
  • Krazylion,

    Sorry, I can't find any myself.

    thats the link for you.....And now our feature presentation - can anyone help me???
  • wow really? ???
  • There are non-coptic websites that you can sign up on that send the verse of the day to your phone...but you probably already knew that.
  • well im not sure about a verse for your phone, but theres always the Coptic calender... it has somthing writtin for evryday, you could look at that.
  • o found one :D

    ok  don't post just let it die
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