Bible says murder is ok

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Catchy headline ay?

ok In Judges Chapter 3, and 4 the bible shows how two people, if i understood correctly both were women, have killed two kings in order to release Israel from Captivity. These actions are portrayed as good Murder can someone explain to me what im supposed to be learned from those two chapters??

- sorry i didn't recap the WHOLE STORY correctly so do go back and read it... its only two chapters....


  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    I'm sorry, but I guess I missed the part in those two chapters where it says, 'Murder is ok'. 
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    lool murder is rong.  but in the old testament moses killed an egyptian bi accident.  i no thats not exactly but stil..  it is not correct at all. 

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • Murder in the Bible has always been a NO
    and this cvan be clearly seen from the Ten Commandments that God Himself handed to Moses
    but just as today, in times of war it is be killed or kill
    thats why a Christian in the war, is not charged with the Murder he Commits.
    Likewise i guess it can apply when the israelites went to take over their land they had to kill everything (the people they ahd to kill reprsented sin, thus they had to purify themselves from such evils)
    or in this case the two women (which i likewise missed) because they did it for the benefit of their people (who were the people of God)

    Idk tis just my theory PLEASE Feel free to correct me
  • no really if you read the end of chapter 4, you read how she killed the guy by putting something in his temple, im assuming that the temple is the chest, cause in like 3 verses later it said he was dead... it doesn't directly say that murder is ok, but its displaying murder ins an acceptable manner
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    The temple is actually the head.  The peg was driven into the front part of the skull just above the eye.  That being said, I still don't see how this act is shown to be acceptable in the verses after.  A woman kills a person for the sake of the nation of Israel.  That's all I can glean from the story.  That does not make murder okay by any stretch of the imagination, nor does it display murder as an acceptable act.  This story is just depicting a series of events that happened during a war between Israel and some other nation, i.e. it is recording historical events.  Perhaps there is a deeper meaning that can be gleaned from it, perhaps not.
  • Nothing that Our Lord said could in any way be taken to contradict the Commandment that thou shalt do no murder.

    We are commanded to love our enemies and to repent of our sins.

    In Christ,

  • Jacob deceived his father for the sake of a blessing. THat's not good.
  • Yes, but he honoured the blessing. His brother, however, was complacent about the blessing. That was the real contrast.
  • ok if you read the beginning of the chapter tho doesn't say that God will send them someone to help them... so basically God is agreeing to the act of murder ....
  • What gregorytheSinner said was good ... thank you no need to respond :D
  • Lets also not forget hta Jacob
    payed for disobeying the law, and stealing the blessing in his life:
    Look how many years he had to waste to get the women he loved.
    Also Joseph his beloved son was taken away from him, and he wept till he blinded himself.

    Of course he lived righteously and at the end was rewarded by being called Jacob your Beloved.
  • look every body, murder is not ok.

    there were many things in the old testement that were ok that are not ok now.
    just like God helpped david kill giliath, people that were against the jews were a great offense to God, and just like God flood the whole earth and killed everyone in it, He promised he will never do that again,(that happened in the old testement).

    u can also say, "well gee wheez, when Samson had short hair he destroyed the building and he knew he would die doing so, so does the bible say is ok to commit suicide???"

    NO. NO. and NO.

    if murder was ok, why would God say you shall not murder?  in the oldtestement a person could marry many women, just like king Solomon, so is it ok to cheat on your wife???


    just like when Peter cut the ear of a soldier when he was trying to capture the Lord in his last hours, i am sure that if Jesus didn't stop Peter, Peter would have probably killed the guy.
    yet God said he who lives by the sword, dies by the sword, and He even healed the soldier.

    so please don't try to lie to yourself and try to find a flaw with the bible, by saying that the bible suports murders.  if that was the case, i am willing to bet my sallary that the early fathers would have told us, then we would have been able to fight against those who persucuted us.

    if murder was ok, then St. George, Mina, and Abou-saifen would have killed the emperor of rome and they would have not become saints.
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