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guys i realized if i ever have kids they wont know arabic since i barely know it......i guess may only chance of my kids speaking any arabic would be if i married a guy directly from Egypt....lol....which will never happen cuz i wouldnt be able to understand anything he says.....i just think its pretty sad....i need to learn how to speak Arabic better!!!!!!!! ;D ;) :) :'(


  • maybe those links could help you out and we can get them started again if enough people are interested AGAIN

    have fun with marriage :P jk you are still 15 you got way ahead of you
  • well i know how to speak arabic really good i can also write it and read it cuz i was born in egypt it doesnt mean that i cant speak english actually i can speak it really good i agree with u arubaiscrazy im worried 2 bout how my kids would turn out but like wasim said im also 15 so its a long way i can also speak a little german and i used to know how to speak coptic but i forgot :-\
  • We should care more about learning Coptic, our mother tongue rather than Arabic. Our parents learned Arabic because they their grandparents were forced to speak Arabic or have their tongues cut. We are lucky now to have much more freedom than our grand parents had and we don't need to worry about Arabic, the language that was forced on us. Let's try to learn our own language that has been almost lost.
  • Mike i kind disagree with you because ya arabic was forced on our grandparents BUT now it became part of our church tradition and part of a tradition to me and ALL our parents (i even know parents who don't like listening to the mass except if its in arabic) and yes we should learn coptic too but i think both languages are part of our church now because if they weren't then why are we still praying in arabic here in the U.S??
  • i'm just staying that a great portion of mass that my parents attend is Arabic and i would just like to be able to understand it better....or even when a bishop comes and gives a lecture.....u know what i mean?....lol....i noe i have a long why but i was thinking bout it that day.... ;D
  • Although I think coptic is way more important to teach your kids than arabic, I still think they should know arabic. Coptic is our true language, but arabic has grown with us. I agree with all of you. Everybody wants their children to know as much as they could about thier culture and heritige and since egypt is where we originated from I think we should know the language people from egypt speak. I mean I expect myslef to take my kids to egypt for vacation and I'd like them to know what's going on. Besides there's nothing wrong with learning coptic and arabic. We are accustomed to arabic now and some of our parents need it more than we think. We can't bail out on out country's language, but then again we can;t forget the original. I say I'd rather my kids know both than one. ;)

    Buh Byez
  • i dont like arabic, i can speak it but i sound like a mootakhalif as i have an australian accent attched to it.
    when i went to egypt, i thought every one there was so nice, they called me habiby pet me on the bak,
    atleast i thought thay were nice, i later found out they thought i had some sorta problem, (hence the mootakhlif).

    well at least i bring old egpytians happiness wen they hear me talk, they dont stop laughing...

    i can neva understand formal abrabic though...

    Notofthisworld i aggree coptic is more important, as if the younger generation dont get taught it may die out, however arabic will always be used.
  • mom...lol
    pfffffffft americans :P
    sorry but i couldnt pass up the opertunity.
  • well i can read...coptic..but i dont unerstand the meaning of anything.(few stuff).....and i know arabic pretty well...and its like the most complicated language ever..especiallthe the "formal arabic"..so i dont know how can i know arabic...but i cant seem to learn coptic :-\
  • Yeah, ur rite, that formal Arabic is defnitely a weird language, that's why reading is so hard, it's a totally different language from the one u speak ::) :-\
  • acutally formal arabic is still used in news castes and the offical statememnt even given by our Pope
  • Not egypt, don't think so, only with official happening such as courts. I think in other arab countries they speak formal arabic, the language does sound nice to me, it's just so hard to understand :-\
  • yes matt even in egypt when they say the news it has to be in formal arabic (not the dish news i am talking about the local news) and if you have ever heard a Pope's message that is sent in like Christmas or Easter you will find it written in formal arabic and so is the president's speech and all that
  • lol G.J.I ;D I always wanted to hear australians speak arabic. God Bless.
  • instead of arguing which language to learn, y dont we learn both arabic and coptic. they r both equally important, for different reasons.
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