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I recently purchased a mac and I'm very disappointed to see that I cannot as easily open praises or songs through quicktime like I was able to do w/ my old pc.  Am I missing a download or something?  Just to specify, I'm talking about just playing songs on the site.  I used to go to the praises folder and listen to one of them by hitting play all.  It would open up in quicktime and play no problem.  Now on the mac, it opens up just the same, I push play, it says "connecting" and then "switching transports", followed by a pause.  Then it starts a countdown from 8 secs and says "waiting for media".  After the 8 secs, it says timed out and that's the end of it.  Does anyone know how to fix this?

God bless you for your help in advance.  I really hope someone can figure this out.


  • never mind.  I figured it out.  I just downloaded real player, which come to think of it is what I had used on the pc.  It plays fine through real player.  :)
  • oo okay im glad  u found the reasons.  we have wonderful songsand hymns here on tasbeha

    plzz p4m sister in Christ
  • My advice to you:

    Get a PC.

  • [quote author=Mark423 link=topic=5747.msg79671#msg79671 date=1196101169]
    My advice to you:

    Get a PC.


    If your going to tell someone to buy something, make sure it's something worth buying. :P
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