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Hi people, i was wondering who ur favorite hymns singer or group is ;D


  • what about the coptic heritage chorus..
  • I''d have to say the one that I like the most of the list is David Ensemble. But I like Trinity, some of their songs are really beautiful. My favorite song they sing is "You Are My All In All." Anybody heard of it? If you haven't you should really listen to it, or at least, that's my opinion. ;)
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    what about the coptic heritage chorus..

    totally forgot about them, I think they r a great group and a great example for new young choruses (whats plural voor chorus lol ???)
  • i really dont c wut the big deal about Ibrahim Ayad i mean dont get me wrong i like his voice and everything and i really used 2 like him when i first started out as a deacon he was like my idle then when i started learning bigger hymns i couldnt learn from him cuz hes way 2 slow and he messes me up on the hazat so my favorite is the Higher Institute of Coptic Studies cuz there more than 1 person so u can b sure of the hymn but 1 person can mess up the hymn and he wouldnt notice
  • That's a really good way of thinkin about it kyrillos02, but I really love his voice and I enjoy listening to him sing hymns. I also love David Ensemble too, LordHaveMercy. I like your taste. ;D Lol

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