Philadelphia Competition

How did the competition go this year?


  • I believe it was
    1. delware
    2. brunswick
    3. bergan
  • huh? what's this about??
  • its an eastcoast competition
    where certain books are assigned and read and then they meet up
    at the Philly Church and questions are asked
    to see hwo wins it
  • and we, as of St. Mark's church (westside) would of won......but i really don't care becasue we just confirmed somthing better.....our new priest
  • ya i heard about that, congrats to westside on their new preist, but anyways GOOOO BERGENNNNNN, lol bergen 1 Highschool got 3rd place and bergen 2 college got 3rd also.  Unfortunately we lost by 3 points when we were taken out by philly  :-\, oh well 3rd place isnt bad. congrats to all the other churches too btw
  • whose the new priest for westside??
  • [quote author=gregorytheSinner link=topic=5675.msg75739#msg75739 date=1187634206]
    whose the new priest for westside??

    Deacon Maged Abdel-messeh. He'll be ordained next Saturday Sep 1.
  • Congrats to all teams.
    Special Congrats to westside for their new priest.
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