Coptic Software for PalmOne LifeDrive

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Does anyone know any sites that contain good Coptic software for the palmone lifedrive ???
            IE. Synexar, Katamarous, etc.

Plz Notify if you find any...



  • well i dont knwo what you mean by LifeDrive-never heard of it but, there is

    im not sure if thats what your looking for but it has powerpoints, of psalmody, khiahk praises, midnight praises, liturgies, and the readings.

    tell me if its not what you wanted...
  • Oh sorry the LifeDrive is a model made by Palm... and thank you for your reply and the link; however it wasn't what i was looking for. Once again thank you because it contains a few things that i would have never found.. THANK YOU
  • oh ok, well thats all i could find, and i wouldnt rele know about LifeDrive lol sorry
  • Yeah, that is very good software. I was looking for a website with the Psalmodies for a long time. But I have two questions. Are you from that church? And if you are, can you ask them to post up the Resurrection Psalmody.
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