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i dont know if this may have been a recent thread, but i just recieved an email from a guy named "Wilfred Coulibaly" from a company "Abidjan Cote d' Ivoire".. I just thought I would worn you guys that this is a hoax...and it said in the email that he got my email address from, dont reply to this guy and dont fall for his hoax. Even though i know that u guys are smarter than that, ithought i would give u the heads up...thanks God Bless


  • yea, theres been like 2 or 3 other threads about this.. but i think every thread is a diferent person... all of them mentioned they probabaly have seen the site, and are against Christianity, but we all know they are frauds.. thanks for the heads up anyway  :)
  • thxx so much for the heads up.  May God Be with us and nothing is to happen. 

    plzz p4m
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