i don't understand

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....what's the purpose of life?
everytime i think i've come to a conclusion, i start doubting everything all over again :(

if God know the future(?), then why are we alive???? he knows where we're gonna end up anyways, so why are we alive??


  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Ahhh, a question for the ages.  It has been the focus of many writings of some of the greatest philosophers to ever live.  I offer you my humble thoughts.  The purpose of life, simply, is God.  He is our purpose, He is our meaning.  We exist because of Him and our aim is to strive to be like Him.  As Orthodox, our goal is theosis, wherein we are able to fully 'partake of the Divine nature'.  That is our purpose; to become like Christ.  We have been adopted in Christ and are now His children and thus, we are promised the things every father wishes to give his children.  We are promised the Kingdom of God, where we will be with Him for all eternity.  We are promised eternal joy and love and warmth and peace with Him.  Our purpose is to reign with Him.  Our purpose is to love Him.  Our purpose is to Love. 

    God has given us this life so that we can be with Him forever.  He knows where we will end up, but His will is for us all to be with Him.  There is a significant difference between God's knowledge and God's will, and it is not something that we should confuse.  God's knowledge is an attribute that in no way conflicts with His goodness, and His will that all men be saved.  The fact that God stands outside time accounts for His knowing what happens to a particular person since He already sees the future.  However, this does not mean that He somehow wills for a person to enter into eternal damnation, otherwise He would not have taken flesh, become one of us, and died for us.

    While on earth, we are created with a specific purpose while alive on top of our call to theosis and to love.  What that purpose is, is sometimes a struggle to figure out.  However, what you must know is that you do have a purpose.  Through constant prayer and spiritual guidance, you will be able to find out your specific talent/gift.  You will be able to then begin to water it and let it blossom and grow in you to serve whatever purpose it is God has for you.  You must strive in prayer though in order to find out what exactly it is God has in store for you.
  • Dear copticcross3,

    You've most likely heard of this before, but I recommend a book called  The Purpose-driven Life, By Rick Warren. I've just bought it, and although I haven't gotten that far into it, it's been a good read so far.

    Κηφᾶς has practically summarized the book for you though. An important thing to realize, however, is that the purpose of your life does not start with you, or your plans. The purpose of your life is God's plan for you, whatever that may be. Only you can find the answer to that question.

  • hey, thanks guys, you helped me too  :)  :)
  • but, God already knows...i don't want to know, i mean, God is th emost important uhh...thing there is so why does it matter that i execute his plan???? uhhh...i hate thinking :(
    i don't think anyone realizes how many hours i spend pondering this and how deeply i think about this topic
  • I think I can relate to what you're going through; I've went through that myself at one time.
    God being all-knowing doesn't interfere with your free will. You were created by him and for him. His plan for you predates your conception. However, only you can choose to find out what that plan is and follow it to the end. It matters that you execute that plan because that is what you were created to do.
  • What  Κηφᾶς has to say is, as ever, spot on target.

    God gives us free will. If He wanted robots He would have created them. Our true nature is to be made in His image and to be like Him, but the effects of sin have marred that nature, weakened and perverted our will, and directed it towards ourself rather than to Him.

    This life is a chance for us to transform that weakened nature and to direct our will towards being one with Him. To the extent we make progress with that we are doing His will. This life is a chance to live the Christian life, to walk in the way of Christ and, with the help of the Spirit, do those things in this life which are pleasing to Him.

    In Christ,

  • :( i'm really trying,but it just won't get through my head !
    How do you CHOOSE to find out what that plan is and to follow it to the end?? What's going to happend is going to happen...and i do think God wanted robots....
    and if we were just created to simply follow our already set plans...then what's the point of living??
  • Dear copticcross3,

    I have a few things to say, but I will begin with a verse.

    Jeremiah 29:11
    "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the LORD, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope."

    The 29th chapter of Jeremiah is the letter that Jeremiah sent to the Jews captive in Babylon, writing to them the words of God. In this letter, God is telling the Jews that although they are captive, he still has the best in mind for them. He plans to give them "a future and a hope."

    God's plan for you is not only conducive to your success and happiness, his plan is meant to ensure your entrance into eternal life. It's not that he wants you to dogmatically follow his plan; he simply knows, being omniscient, the best way for you to live your life on earth. He wants, being kind and loving, to help you make the right decision, i.e. his plan, for your life. The catch is you have to choose to follow his plan, which in essence is the best possible path for your life, even though you might not realize it.

    So you see, the plan is not already set, it's just that God knows what you will do and what decisions you will make, so he plans accordingly to help you make the right decisions. You still have free will and can choose to lead whatever life you want, but following his path is the best way to achieve your purpose in life.

    Your purpose is also part of his plan. He created you with a certain ability, a talent, that you are called upon to develop and use to achieve your purpose. This purpose, or goal, is what you were created to accomplish, as part of his plan for the world. That, however, does not mean that your a pawn, simply following orders. You were created in his image, you are a light to the world, and you are his daughter. The daughter of the creator of the universe is no pawn. Just as a daughter of a king is called upon to help her father take care of his kingdom, you are the daughter of the King of king, who wants you to help him take care of the world. That means you are special, born with a specific purpose, not a mindless pawn.

    Having said all that, it is still your choice whether or not to obey him, as a loving daughter, knowing that he only has your future in mind.

    Take care,
  • Dear Copticcross3,

    How do you CHOOSE to find out what that plan is and to follow it to the end?? What's going to happend is going to happen...and i do think God wanted robots....

    It is very clear that God gave us free will; it was the misuse of their free-will that exiled Adam and Eve from Eden; it is the misuse of our free will that leads us into temptation and error and sin. We can, however, with His help, through prayer and through the Church, use our free will to focus upon God and to try to do His will.

    Do not worry if you can discern no 'plan' - God's ways are not our ways, and by living our lives in a Christian way we are doing what He wants. We know from the Scriptures and from the Church what this means; it means focusing on Him; it means being obedient to the Commandments; it means loving one another; it means helping others; it means being selfless rather than selfish. Doing these things in the world is enough of a challenge for a whole lifetime.

    God's will is that you should be one with Him; follow the Christian life and you have His assurance that it will be so. But remember, if He cares for the lilies of the field, how much more does He care for you?

    In Christ,

  • there is this book i have called "what on earth am i here for?" by rick Warren. read it, it would probably help u.
  • [quote author=copticcross3 link=topic=5520.msg73741#msg73741 date=1183495528]
    if God know the future(?), then why are we alive???? he knows where we're gonna end up anyways, so why are we alive??

    O.K. good question. and ur right god knows where ur gonna end up. lets say a person is going to hell/heaven. what's god's reasoning for making that person go to hell/heaven if he did not have a life??? just think about this.
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Just a correction here.  God does not make anyone go to Heaven or Hell.  The person chooses where they wish to end up, and God either joyfully (in the case of Heaven) or sadly (in the case of Hell) respects that person's decision.
  • Through life we are given a chance to share God's love. Before the creation God had love in the trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit loved each other. By creating us, life, we are given a chance to experience and share this love. We are to live as ambassadors of Jesus Christ in this world.
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