how did we get...

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such different races.?!??!
if everyone came from adam and eve [?], how exactly do we have "white people, asian people, black people" and everything else!?! all the different skin colors, eye colors, hair colors..? you know...i have been pondering this for a while now..and yea..


  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Dare I say it?  Yes, I dare... evolution.  (And no, not macro-evolution aka speciation).
  • that's what i was thinking...
    but, that would mean...that we somewhat to a degree believe in evolution..!?!?
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Yes, yes it would.  I'm not sure why that would be a problem though?  We live in an ever changing world, and in order to survive, we would have to evolve to adapt.  Now please bear in mind, I'm not speaking about speciation (as I mentioned before).  But to say that we, as humans, have not evolved, would be a ridiculous claim.  The world today is not the same as it was 1000 years ago or 5000 years ago.  Since the world has changed, we, as a species, must have changed to survive.
  • Well from what I heard, this happened after the Great Flood, were Noahs Sons split up
    to different parts of the world.  Plus lets not forget even as most psychologist agree
    enviorment affects a person, thus a person in the hot scorching son of Africa will be darker
    than a person from Israel, etc.

  • what are speciations..?
    but, how can the changes and differences in people  be so darastic ??

    what in asia requires ppl to adapt to have slanted eyes?!? ...what in europe requires ppl to adapt and have blue eyes...?
    and wouldn't that mean...that if a white family lived in like africa...they would eventually turn black!?!?
  • well i know the asian one, they have slanted eyes in order to protect them. generally speaking, they have very thin eyelashes, which offers almost no protection for the eyes.. and so, over millions and millions of years, mutations took place and they became what they are today.
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    Speciation, to put it simply, is the development of new species from pre-existing ones. 
  • Never forget our church is not against saying that we have changed, to fit our environment. But it is against other aspects of evolution, not the changing part. Pray for me
  • this is a great question, i had the same exact question but i had no idea wat the answer was.  it such a cool thing that u asked.  i hope we get some great answers. 
  • yea, i've wondered about it for a while...
    about the changing to fir our environment...

    why would people living in Hott africa, adapt to have black hair, black hair just attracts the sunn...
  • in the old testemant, i remeber a story, with a tower or somthing ( sorry, i dont really know the story ) but anyways, God made different races at that moment, and everyone went thier way or somthing? does anyone know what im talkin about? if so, can you plz explain more? sorrry if i confused you
  • ur almost right.

    in that story god created different languages so they don't undrstand each other not races.
  • oh yea, thanks guys, and yea now i remeber the story, ( i saw the picutre of the tower, in my picture Bible when i was 6! ) wow, the good ol' days. and sorry, abkarino22 is righht, it was languages nto races, my bad
  • no problem. we all make mistakes. especially me
  • Dear all,

    The difference between us and chimpanzees are apparently about 2% of our genetic information. To say that the observed differences between races are drastic is not really correct when we talk about genes. For instance, the difference between someone getting the really dibilatating disease, Cystic Fibrosis, is the inheritance of one gene.

    So what do I propose the answer is:
    - Adam and Eve had a mixture of genetic information (they were heterozygous for many genes)
    - some mutation has caused disease
    - in breeding, discrimination, survival of the fittest has caused what is characteristic in a particular race

    As a Medical Student, it is obvious that many genes are not the only thing that dictates the physical characteristics of people, but also diet, vegetation, lifestyle, culture, the diseases and parasites etc. (i.e. the environment).

    Also, one said earlier that microevolution is at hand. Yes, mutations could certainly be the reason why some physical distinctions are different. They are mostly harmful.

    Also, many characteristics such as colour etc. and its shade and its intensity etc. are determined by many many genes. If Adam and Eve were different, of even if they had two sets of genes, one expressed and the other not, then obviously you can produce a lot of variation.

    The restriction happened after everyone tried to build the tower of Babel- people were seperated from each other, and thus you had limitation to the gene pool, which meant less variation can be observed in any particular race.

    I am rushing, but I hope this helps in the meantime.
  • i agree with Doubting Thomas. and also, i asked my Sunday School teacher, and he said that it has to do with __ology (something with the study of people)...he also said that the language people speak can change the person's face after a while, because of the mouth movement... that could be some reasons
  • i think mutations in the genetic code caused the different races.. there are many reasons thatcause mutations like some kinds of radiations .. sometimes mutations are a way toadapt to the enviroment......
    However.. there is a catholic point of view that says that Adam and Eve's story is symbolic and that God created too many Adams and too many Eves and this where different races come from..
    Personally i don't beleive in this interpretation but what do u think??? ???
  • You had also mentioned eye color on the previous page.
    Well I think I might have the answer to that.
    You guys said before that the skin color changes because of the sun. Well darker people have more of a thing called melanin (correct me if I am wrong but I think thats the name), it gives skin its tan color So the more melanin you have....the darker you will be. Well it turns out this pigment called melanin acts as a natural sunscreen and prevents skin cancer.

    So god must have created our bodies to adapt to the enviornmets we are placed in.

    The same goes fro eyes....they are brown in afircan countries because they have more melanin in them so that the eyes can be protected. People in europen countries dont need brown eyes becuse there is no harsh they have less melanin in thier they have blue.

    Now as for the adaptaion/mutation/evolution that doesent happen right if you put a white family in africa they are not gonna ever look like the locals. But I bet time after time...even if they didint marry outside thier family....Their great great great grandchildren would eventually look more and more similar to the africans.

    So to answer your inital question, I belive that god did this on purpose....he created human beings with the ability to adapt to thier enviornment. diffrent weather climates, diffrent events in history, and culture caused the diffrences in race.

    Its not all explainable....but some of it is....the others we just havent figured them out yet.
  • [center]-Historic events that explain some things in race-[/center]Why are most Afrian American men big? There are far more large black men in america then there are small black men.
    This is what a teacher said once...and I think it holds a bit of truth...: During slavery in america many of the weak died...leaving the stronger men. So they had those genes and in turn thier kids were big as well.

    Why do asians have such small feet? Well this is because back in the old days in china the smaller the girls feet were....the prettier they were. So they tied thier feet up really tight as infants and kept them tied untill they were ready to be married (i think). So thier feet were really small...some couldent even walk becase it was tied so tight as a infant. So then asians have smaller feet.

    These are just theories...but they actually make sense.

    I really liked your question though! I hope I helped a little.
  • The one about small feet does not make sense- you can't change genetic predisposition by trying to acquire a trait. In the evolution of the theory of evolution, it was Lamarc that suggested that we can inherit acquired characteristics. That was proven to be false. The only proven mechanism of microevolution is varied gene pool, either that had a range of genetic profiles at first or became so by mutation, and then by survival of the fittest those with the desired traits contributed most to the successive generations' gene pool.
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