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Hi everyone,

I haven't been on for a long time for diffrent circumstances. I would like an ansewr to my vital important. i have a friend who hasn't been speaking to me, that much and vice-versa for 2 yrs. We were really close friend sbefore. For my own circumstances ( i'm going through a death of my grandfather experience  :'( :'() i have asked for help from him, which he gave to me. I told me i can't cope with the tribulation on my own, so i told him i need his support. he told he'll be there for me and be friends with me for life, and is serious about it. here is the problem: he acts so nice on the net, but at school he rarely talks to me as if on the net it was just a game played. im real upset. what can i do so that he can be more practical? talking to him at school dosent bring any/little use. hes in my class. he wants to be friends. i don't want to lose this oppurtnity, it was very hard for me to gain it. What can be done so this friendship go back on track be active at school? What activites be done to enhance this friendship? ??? ??? ??? ??? :'( :'( :'( this is meant to be a close friend type friendship. i need help urgently. im felling upset for on the net its diffrent than at school in public.I need answers that are pratical and that can help quickly. Answer will be greatly appreciated. A.S.A.P Answers.   :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(  :'( :'(
God Bless

Pray for me.

Coptic Youth.


  • Dear Coptic Youth,

    Have you tried getting a mutual friend that is always with him, and is firends with you to be involved, meaning like did u try having someone who he hangs out with hang out with you so all three of you can be friends in public.

    BUt honestly, from the way you describe this, I dont think he's the best type of friend, have you tried depending on a more religous type of friend, one who cna provide the moral support you need through the Spirit of Love?

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    Hi everyone,
    he wants to be friends. i don't want to lose this oppurtnity, it was very hard for me to gain it. .

    you seem very depended on him, which is not a good thing, because if he is a bad person (not saying he is) but if he is he can use this against you.

    Good Luck
  • I've been there, and it's one of the reasons i disagree with too much socialising on the internet. People tend to say and do things on the net that they wouldn't normally do in real life. Anyone can go on and pretend to be... whoever.

    Sometimes awkwardness can get between friends.. so perhaps going up and asking him about what you missed in class or something? Just try to start a conversation.. ?

    Another thing, you do seem like your leaning on this friend too much and are forgetting your best friend.. the friend who loves you such much that He gave His life for you.. He is all the support you need! Lean on Him, you can depend on people.
  • i agreee with the two previous posts.
    yea, people can be different on th eweb, for example, i am an extremely shy person, but online, i am not. So, maybe you should try to stop talking to him online, and maybe do something with know just hang out...?..idk...that's just what i would do...? :/

  • he is not my best friend, and i know him quite well. he is of great charatre and is better one on one friendship. how do i get to him at school?? what things wuld encourage him??
  • this happened to my just recently..

    online i had my friend that would talk to me but at church or at the mall its like she would completely ignore me and act like were not friends..wat i did and hopefully it can help u is that i talked to her online saying that we should hang out together and talk about everything and how i felt that i was being ignored and that this really wasnt a good friendship we were now everything worked out and we talked over it and now we talk at church and maybe u should talk to ur friend and tell him/her how u feel and just hang out with ur friend and discuss about wats going on in your friendship...also talk to another friend about it like get advice from someone close to u or talk to ur father of confessions about it..that always helps.

    God Bless

  • You just gotta face it..actually go and talk to him and do as basketball said..and if that didn't work out then this friend isn't worth ur me dont run after someone that doesn't deserve your friendship cuz he'll just be takin advantage of you..i hope i helped.

  • hey champ,
    sry i didnt realise this thread existed....anyways u mentioned b4 that its become what way?? has he mentioned anything to you?? also is that he ignores u or that he doesnt speak to u as much as he does online....i think time and space is the key....and take the initiave to talk to might be awkward for a guy to be comforting another guy in public....i dunno....jus assuming....

    God bless n take care
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