I need help looking for a song

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hey everyone i need help finding the words to some songs.please please please if anyone can help me find the words for the following songs i would really really apprciate it!!

thanks and god bless

The Solid Rock

The Lost Son

No Eye Has Seen

thanks again!!


  • no Eyes has seen :

    No eye has seen another God like You
    Who opens the jails and shatters the chains (repeat)
    Who parts the sea, and behold gives the power
    No mountains or barriers stand in His way

    No eye has seen, another god like You

    Who else but You, do appear in our pains
    Or rescue our souls, from the lions den (repeat)
    Who lights the way, when the darkness comes,
    With a blaze that appears in a pillar of smoke


    Who else but you, went to Calvary
    Who else paid my debts, carried my iniquities (repeat)
    That you promised me you're coming very soon
    To take me to heaven for eternity.

    The solid Rock:

    Now I have found the ground wherein,
    The wounds of Jesus for my sin
    Whose mercy shall unshaken stay
    When heaven and earth are fled away.


    On Christ the solid rock, I stand, |
    All other ground is sinking sand. ||
    My hope is built on nothing less, |
    Than Jesus' blood and righteousness. |

    Father, Your everlasting grace
    Your heart melts with tenderness
    Returning sinners will receive
    Eternal life as they believe.

    Though waves and storms over my head
    Though strength, and health, and friends be gone
    On You my steadfast soul relies
    Father, Your mercy never dies.

    Fixed on this ground will I remain,
    Though my heart fail, and flesh decay;
    The solid rock I will sustain,
    When earth's foundations melt away
  • I've Been A Drifter For So Many Years
    I'm Running Around In Endless Circles
    Confusion And Despair
    Oh, It's Always There
    Oh, Lord Please Take It Away

    I Am So Alone
    I'm Longing Back For Home
    When I Hear The Sound In The Air
    In The Air

    Far Away, Far Away
    I Hear The Distant Call
    Far Away, Far Away
    It Is The Father's Call
    Oh Father, Oh Father
    Lost Son Is Coming Home
    Oh Father, Oh Father
    I'm Coming Back To Stay

    I Should Have Listened To Your Words
    I Closed The Door And Went My Own Way
    So Cold, So Empty
    It's Driving Me Insane
    Oh Lord, Please Take It Away

    not sure if thats the song or not but i never heard it before..

  • thank you sooo much everyone that really helped!!
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