Having Trouble Downloading

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The downloading button has disappeared on my computer. The last time I downloaded something was just a couple of days ago, but now i cant even see the button.
Please Help
Thank You


  • there are other topics on this subject already and one of the admins said that the downloads have been temporarily disabled because of some hardware updates to the site
  • well this mess. is for the admin. ( not to be asking this in a greedy way or anything ) but do you know when it will be fixed? becuase i rele want to download songs :)
  • Downloads have been restored.
  • k thanks guys
  • I am trying to download Apostles Fast hymns and when i click on download i get a message that says "No Database Selected"
  • Yeah, I get the same message as copticawad92 when I try to download anything
  • i think it's fixed now.
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