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Atomic Bomb

In Lebanon, after the civil war had ended, an art teacher asked the students to draw whatever came to mind. The teacher walked around the classroom to see what the little children had drawn. The first one she saw was of a tank, the second was of canons, the third was of a dead person, the fourth was a child crying after losing his father, and the fifth was of homes that had been destroyed. The teacher felt sad for what she saw, because the bad memories that the children had of the war emotionally traumatized them. It was as if society had destroyed these little kids and spoiled their hope and their joyful outlook.

Finally she came to a girl who had drawn a picture of an apple. She was cheered by this and wondered to herself about what made this child different from the other children. Why did you draw an apple," she asked.

"It's not an apple," the girl answered. "It's an atomic bomb."

It is very difficult for me to express the feelings of this teacher and how  negatively the society affected the lives of the children. My beloved reader! Don't be surprised that this child drew an atomic bomb and not an apple. The war destroyed her psychological state as well as that of so many youth and people in the entire country. I'm worried about you that the world may, with its great weight, enter your heart, creating in you an atomic bomb. This may destroy your energy, talents, and feelings instead of offering an internal apple, to taste it

and take a benefit from it. You may ask me, "Do you want me to escape from my surroundings? Don't you want me to live in the world?"

"Yes, God created the world for us to live in and enjoy it as a joyful gift. But, beware of misconceptions or defilement. Don't convert the world into a corrupt valley and a hidden battlefield. Use the world to thank the creator. Open your heart with love to all and Jesus will be your companion. Your life will be

an everlasting wedding.


  • Dear why,
    So so nice story and how beneficial. Yes of course, the evil one makes up desires, temptations and every bad and worthless thing look as (or maybe more) beautiful as an apple. Thanks, for you drew our attention to be careful of the worldly temptations.
    God bless you and mention me in your prayers
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