back in town

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hi guys

most of you dont know me but from my profile you willsee that i have posted quite alot here. im glad to be back with the grace of god, posting my knowledge to those in need and aquiaring well needed knowledge about our chrisitianity.

im happy to be back, as coicidently, the times that i stop are the roughest times of my life whilst the times i post are the more lighthearted of my eras.

im glad to see that we have new posters here although i miss the old ones, i can see new FROGS and MAZZAS and Wassims arrising (for old posters you will understand what i mean).

for al the new posters my name is marina and i am a girl (if that wasnt a give away by the name and my age:17

id like to also welcome all the new posters and assure them that if they need help, or personal advice or even a friend i will be there..

pls pls..argookom.. pray for me


  • Hey Marina(Why),
    Glad to have you back, as i am sure you have noticed the differenc in the forum lately and am sure you will once again get attached to this site as many others are.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness,
  • yepp already attached!!

    about the new changes, at first i wasnt too sure, not too happy, but now i must applause the moderators and thank them for the chenges and the efforts  theyhave put in to ipdate this wonderful website

  • i no im late but welcome bac.  this eels lke i help pls in need all the time.  lke a advice clumn.  rite. 
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