Fr Anthony Messih (sermons)

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a while ago, there was a thread that held a link to a great website that had several coptic sermons. i am unable to locate that post, i was wondering if the person that had posted it repost it or if anyone knows the website that im talking about give me a link.

the website host several serons by father anthony messih (whos sermons i utterly enjoy).

of the top of my head, the website was somewhat similar to however it isnt the one.

pls someone tell me of the wbsite asap!



  • i found the website

    here it is for all those that would like to view
  • does anyone have another website with fr anthony messehs sermons??
  • that site is run by his church,
    St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church of Washington, DC

    Orthodox Sermons Hosts ALL his recorded Sermons.
  • why,

    i would say that site has about 99.999999% of every sermon ever recorded by fr. anthony. you wont find anything anywhere else without it being on first. trust me.

    God bless you.
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