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i just wanted to know. is God gona judge us on wat we know or wat wer supose 2 know
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  • God can only judge you on what you know. If you did something out of ignorance that no one has taught you about and i mean something you absolutely have no idea about not like killing someone or something then he will not judge you according to your ignorance but will judge the person who was supposed to teach you that.
  • this is apparent in the case of someone who is mentally challenged and cannot learn the word of God or control his actions.
    God, out of mercy, will not judge this person in the same way that he would judge another who understands what he is doing.
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  • These are all great responses, however there is one point I think is very important to add. 

    God will judge us on our knowledge and our pursuit of knowledge.  We can't be content saying "well, if I don't know, God will not judge me, so I won't learn."

    God speaks to us in many different ways.  WE some times choose not ot listen.  If we do NOT try to learn, God will see thru that and say that we have not tried to learn to avoid judgment. 

    It is like saying, "I will be taxed on what I earn, so if I earn very little or nothing at all, I will not have to pay taxes." God expects us to do everything we could to get to know Him and His word.  Then He expect us to follow His word, as much as we know.  We can't claim ignorance with Him.

    To summarize, you want to, on judgement day, stand before Him and say "I have done everything I could to get closer to you and learn about you.  I followed Your Word to the best of my knowlege and ability.  I did not neglect to learn more about you." 

    Just thought I would share my 2 cents
  • oo
    i see
    so wat ur trying to say is that we hav to all try to learn more so that we can be ready?
  • all what I am sayin is, Do not stop learning so you can limit what will God hold against you. 

    Here is a simple example.

    Lets say a child starts cursing infront of his parents.  If the parents do not correct him and tell him that it is wrong.  He will go on to believe that it is ok to curse. The parents can NOT hold it against the child if 10 years later he is still cursing, because they never told him that it is wrong.

    However if the child starts cursing and his parents tell him it is wrong and continues to do it, the parents have EVERY RIGHT to punish him/her since they know it is wrong.

    The next 2 scenarios are a bit tricky.

    Assume the parents put a book infront of the child saying "Here are the rights and wrongs, read them" He doesn't and goes on to curse, the parents can still hold it against him/her since they gave him the source to gain the knowledge.  He can't say "I didn't read it" that will not be an excuse. 

    Finally, If the parents set the excpectation that the child should go and find out, using whatever means, what is right and what is wrong.  He can read books in the family library, ask them, ask other relatives. Ask elders. If he/she decides to slack off and be lazy and not try to gain the knowledge because he/she wants to claim ignorance, the parents can still punish him if he/she did not do every thing he could to find the answer.

    The last two scenarios are closer to what God had set for us.  He gave us the Book (the Bible) that showes us the ideal way to behave.  He then said to go and search to gain knowledge and gave us the tools and resources to gain that knowledge.  If we are faithful in seeking that knowledge to please Him, even if we dont' get the right answer, we tried and that counts.  If we slack off, on the other hand, and decide to be lazy and not try faithfully to gain the knowledge, that in of itself will be held against us. 

    Hope this clarifies things
  • great entries i agree
    it is said if a person stops learning he will soon forget what he already knows.

    the knowledge that we have, we our selves have sought. from young much we learnt from our parents and our surrounding.
    Knowledge and wisdom is out on the streets calling unto us as we walk by. Come let us sit together and eat.....

    To know wisdom and instruction; to perceive the words of understanding;
    To receive the instruction of wisdom, justice, and judgment, and equity;
    To give subtlety to the simple, to the young man knowledge and discretion.
    wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels:
    7The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction

    i don’t believe we will be judged on what wat we know or wat wer supose 2 know
    but rather how when wisdom came to us in the steet did we run after it or not. did we make use of her words or not. or rather we as ignorant fools ran past it in to the world of pleasure desire and sin. we are not in control of waht we get taught some get taught right things others not. some like us are born into Christian families and receive good and just word of knowledge others are not so fortunate. while others still being in good families fall awy.Therefore where ever we are accountable to pursue goodness and the knowledge of goodness. From it flourishes wisdom and ultimately leads us to God. if one correctly makes use of good things that comes his way. if he doesn’t then he will be asked so....on judgement we may never know the exact. ITS only a glimpse. how can we know his ways of judgment we do not know his scale of judgement nor his boundaries all we know if we seek we will find him if we seek we will do that which  gets us closer to him and what we do from what we know that separates us.

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