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Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Please help me to find if there is a Holy Bible Study, for all of the books of the Holy Bible if found, that is according to the teachings of our Coptic Orthodox Church.  If there are sermons(Arabic or English) that would be nice also, for each chapter or each book in the Holy Bible.  If there is a post that discusses this already please forgive me for not looking but please direct me to it.

[right]Please pray for me always,
Believer in God[/right]


  • You can look for these types of books generally at your church bookstore and they will generally have what you are looking for concerning those book. you can also check www.orthodoxbookstore.org and order what you are looking for from there. if i am not mistaken you are looking for books that describe the books of the Bible in detail. Most of the books that are about the books of the Bible are written by F. Tadros Malaty and he is very well known for his books. hope that i was of any help
  • Dear Believer,

    This is an Orthodox Study New Testament, details of which can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Orthodox-Study-Bible-Testament-Psalms/dp/0718000307

    Although it was compiled by Eastern Orthodox scholars and translators, there is nothing, so far as I am aware, inconsistent with Oriental Orthodox teaching.

    The same group are about to produce an Orthodox Old Testament study Bible, which will be great to have. You can find more about it here:

    I hope that helps.

    In Christ,

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