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Hello everyone

I have just recieved a university assignment on pychology. Im not studying pyhcology and I have no idea what im in for, that said The assignment question in short says i need to pick a subject and prove my arguement.

Its early stages but Im thinking of choosing religion.

Does anyone know good books written by our orthodox fathers on pyhcology and our religion?


  • What is pyhcology and why is the topic theology?
  • [coptic]+ Iryny nem `hmot>[/coptic]

    I think it should be psychology. 

    Please pray for me.
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    What is pyhcology and why is the topic theology?

    psychology is the study of the mind

    theology is the study of religion and its history

    drummaboy, i think you need to be more specific, the topic is quite broad as psychology for example has many branches

  • Well, religion definately has an impact on psychology. Mental illnesses such as depression, paranoia, schizophrenia have known to be cured through "spiritual methods" - i,e, basically, fasting , prayer and communion.

    Homosexuality was defined as a pyschiatric illness not so long ago. This too was well known to be cured through spirituality.

    I can see there is a link, but as Kerestina said, u need 2 be more specific.

    The tasbeha has a verse from Anba Anthony : the great - the 1st monk: He says "Remove from your hearts all the bad thoughts and evil thoughts, those which darken the mind".

    So, through spirituality, which has its effect on the heart, there this has a knock-on effect on the mind. A good heart results in a good mind.

    Its totally related. Prositution itself has well known psychiatric problems. It can result in many mental illnesses. Prostitution is also a sin. So, through spirituality, where one is led into repentance, confession, and communion, not only is the soul healed of such sins, but the mind also.

    If u were to discuss the relationship between psychiatric illnesses and spirituality, the link is great. It just requires good research to find out excellent examples. THe best way, if i were u, i would first look at all psychiatric problems that arise from sin:

    a) Prostitution
    b) Drug abuse
    c) Fornication / Sexual promiscuity etc

    and find scientific evidence (there are TRUCK LOADS!!!) showing the psychiatric effects of such activities on the human mind. Then raise the idea that sin is a spiritual state, and by such actions (i.e. the acts of sin) we can arrive in such states. So, there already, u have a link between sin and the effects of psychological illnesses. THen u can go along and discuss the way in which spirituality addresses the problem.

    For example: Manic Depression is in fact a psychiatric / mental illness. It leads people to commit suicide. Now, it is hereditary as well. What was found was through prayer, and constant communion, with spiritual guidance, this can be cured - permanently.

    It can be cured also through medication. THe patient has also got to receive medication all through their life (and its some strange medicine where they can't drink alcohol either!). ANyway, this is not a permanent effect. It depends on the medication being taken.

    THere are many psychologically disturbed persons who do come to Church looking for healing. We were fortunate enough to have psychiatrists serving in our Church that understood this. The problem was that it was hard for these people to be accepted in a CHurch. Which is quite wrong even; but that's because people are short sighted - they don't see a person with problems - they expect people in a CHurch to be saints (which actually is normal - who wouldn't !?? ) but also a CHurch is a place for healing, and i think a priest needs to understand in such psychological conditions. The worse illnesses are those which affect the mind (in my opinion). With a good spiritual father, these problems can be cured.

    I strongly suggest that u look at homosexuals who have been cured through spirituality. this is the best example because it shows the following elements that have to be respected for any type of spiritual healing (which are the common factors u'll see when u read about such healing)

    a) The person HAS to want to be healed.
    b) They have to sincerely pray , repent and confess for this
    c) They have to abstain from any sexual activity (from what i understood)

    That's it!

    I mean, the issue is that many gays DO NOT wish to be healed. They are happy in that state. People with manic depression are a bit similar: Although its NOT their fault that they are depressive, they have an option always in their head: To allow an incident to depress them, or to not let it depress them. U see? Its always a struggle somehow with your free will, and the condition following your desires puts u in. You have to make sure that your will is looking at NOT following your desires. Its a bit of a struggle as we all seem to have tendencies to follow our desires. With psychiatric problems, the issue is that the effect of following ANY desire has detrimental impact on the mind.

    Even biblically, Christ did not cure ANYONE who did not wish to be cured. THere has to be your OWN will involved.

    For example: I can't say :"God, I wish to forgive someone , when deep down in my heart, i want vengence". My natural desire is for vengence (this is understandable) - but your will has to control your desires. Sometimes we are led by our desires... everyone. We have a choice to follow and submit to our desires, or to control what we think and what we feel.
    Hence, the reason for fasting. We control our desires - more. The Church sees that.

    When any patient goes to see a doctor concerning Manic Depression, the doctor will want to analyse what incidents led them to that state.

    Im not a psychiatrist, but we were lucky enough to have a few speakers at Church who were doctors who did explain this; and obviously, what someone who is suffering tells you - u can make the logical conclusions yourself.
  • I want to add something that theology should not be studied because if we are real christians we should know God personally. Also becuase this has been used over the centuries to distract us from worshiping God. From Arius to George Bebawy so please we as youth( or adults ) should know a little theology but care more about spirituality.
  • I think it would be very foolish to remain ignorant on your faith. Most Coptic Theology comes from the Gospel according to Saint John. We have to know our doctrine well also. How can we answer Arius and George Bebawy, and whoever else if we are ignorant of our own faith. WHy do u think we all love Iqbal on here? Its because he's an expert in theology; and we need to worship God in understanding. Arius had spirituality... he was a priest! What more do u want?

    Its like praying the tasbeha in Coptic without understanding a word of it; its spiritual, but time wasting. THere's no understanding.

  • Just to add a note, that not everyone who says stuff in coptic doesn't mean they don't understand what they are saying. Back to the topic
  • Yes JyDeacon, but im sure u understand what i mean, and have even seen the examples yourself.
  • Yes i understand what you mean and i have seen it before. just didn't want you to make a generalization. but i do understand what you mean

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
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