really grasping god's love for u

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Ok, u know god died for u, u know god loves u, u know u sin, etc.

but how do u get it to all sink in?


  • im not sure i understand? get wat to sink in?
  • "Place your head on His chest, like John, and listen to His heart that beats with love for the whole world." · St. John Saba ·

    to get it all to sink in you have to feel God's love in your life. God loves YOU so much and because He loved YOU with an everlasting love, He died for you. Every drop of His precious blood that He shed on the cross was for YOU, so that by His blood He may purify you from every sin so that you may have eteneral life with Him.

    God loves us all and He knows that we are all sinners, we are human, God doesnt care how many times we fall in sin, but what He cares about is that everytime we fall in sin we have to rise up again and truly repent from all our hearts and come back to Him, our loving Father.

    Yes we sin..but if we keep in our minds Christ's image and remember all what He has done for us, how much He suffered for us, us who are nothing but some dust, we really dont deserve His great love. How could we love sin more than God? Why would we let anything separate us from the one whom we love? Nothing is worth loosing Christ.

    If you are ever tempted to sin or any evil thought comes to your mind, look at Jesus's picture hung for you on the cross. You will feel that His heart is full of the greatest love there ever was. Look at the crown of thorns plunged into His head, the nails in His hands and feet, and His side that was pierced, He did all this for us because He loves us so much, true, unconditional love; love that lasts forever.
  • He said "ask and you shall recieve" - and believe me, He wants it to sink in more than you do...


    Ask for it - ask for an understanding of all this stuff, ask to really FEEL Him, and He'll grant you your hearts desire [don't forget, He created that desire, and He is more than able to fill it]

    I know this is the answer many people give for any problem, i.e. "pray" - but really, it honestly is more powerful than anything else that you can do -

    Also, to feel Him isn't something you can do on your own - you MUST have Him working in ya, so don't even try doing on your own, cause you'll just be wasting precious time.

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