Jesus Camp

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I just saw the documentary 'Jesus Camp' and was wondering if anyone here as also seen it? Now for some follow-up questions..

What did you think of it? Did you agree with anything the people were saying? Or would you put them in the fundamentalist grouping?

Personally, i felt the people the documentary was about were extremists who give Christianity a bad name. I mean the people were really nutjobs.. They sincerely believe global warming isnt happening, George Bush is a "man of God", and that is their job to convert EVERYONE to their religion. Of course they also believe the whole "being born again" drivel. I mean, personally, i think everyone has the right to practice whatever religion they want. However, they should not try and force their views on others. lol, there was even a bit in the movie where a girl claimed that God wouldnt be in churches (such as ours), but rather God only attends churches where people are screaming out his name, singing loudly, cheering, clapping etc. The whole thing made me laugh.. Especially since our Church has its ancient traditions etc..

Anyway, i hope that hasnt all sounded like rambling...

Please i hope anyone else can give their feedback from that documentary because it really quite annoyed me and i would be interested in hearing any other opinions.



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