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if there is a person whom  reading it's not their hoppy sorry for the spelling bear with me plz
reading a chapter from the bible it's too much , no focusing and that person give up so easily and end up not reading the one chapter.
Any suggestion???
is there a way as beginner to get that person into the hoppy of reading because this person never read the bible before...
how many verses as beginner to start with first...
and which book in the bible to start with first...
hope to hear from you guys
waiting for your replies...


  • we do something in our church i wish it would help .. its called Quiet Time which everyday its a couple of verse that you read and mediate.. its always about 9-13 verse per day.. and its kind of think that really touch you everyday is the link for it
    download the schedule if you like the idea. i am telling you if u did once u will never stop doing  it. i wish that helps
  • any other replies
  • heyy ... yea i see wat ur talking about u have to read with an open mind .. like try to find the message that jesus is trying to send u .. there is always a story to learn maybe u should try getting those bibles that explain the story to u .. i have that bible it helps a lot.. try reading the book of James and Daniel .. those r my favorite.. daniel is a little harder to under stand there is a lot of symbolism but u can ask ur abouna to go into more detail about it ... after a while ur going to want to read more than one chapter a day.... also read 1corinthians chapter 13.. its about love its a great chapter.. umm yea  just ask god to give u a chapter that he wants u to read nd just open the bible whatever u open to .. read it
  • Why don't they read one of the sections (divisions of a chapter) that the Bibles now have, or if the one for the day was kind of short, they could do a couple?
  • okay... NO ONE can answer you this question... and NO ONE should tell you what to read... ask youre abouna... the books that brings me closer to God.... might/will not bring you closer to God... so all i have to tell you is go to abouna... tell him your problem... and to all who gave the Great responses... you are not priests... this is a place of authority... which we dont have!
  • any other replies , i'm sure you guys can come with ideas more than that...
  • Hi donia_kiwi
    If for any reason you cannot ask abouna right now then read the PM I sent you.
    A good practice is to make a small prayer before reading the Bible even for reading one verse, asking the Lord to broaden and enlighten the mind and bless us during and after the reading.


    The PM did not show in my Outbox hope you received it.
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