Strength of prayer

This is the power of prayer:
A missionary is speaking to the congregation in his church about his work in Africa.  He worked in hospital and every two weeks he had to take a bike ride through the rain forest to get medical supplies from a near by city.  Each time he would have to sleep over night in the forest and then continue his trip.  One day he was in the city and he saw two men fighting.  He decided to break up the fight and he attended to the injuries of one man.  The next time he went in to the city and he saw the same man.  The man cam up to the missionary and said, "sir i brought a bunch a friends with me and we were going to rob you while you were in the forest, because i knew you had a lot of money with you, however when went to go attack you i saw that there were twenty six men in white apparel around your tent."  Then someone in the congregation stood and said, "wait that day i was golfing and i had a little urge to pray for you, so i gathered twenty five men from our church, and we prayed in the church that day." 


  • wow thats awesome. there r so many other stories like that.
  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooow i really enjoyed that story! i plan on sharing it with people in my youth meeting. u know we all have stories where we pray and through the power of our prayers and the power of God we recieve what we ask for....ask and u shall recieve.

    i always remember that verse.

    May the power of God have mercy on u...
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