How long am i going to suffer for this mistake?

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about 2 years ago i had a boyfriend and i know you're not supposed to, it was a really huge mistake, some things happened, not the most or even close but some and the rumours spread like wildfire and so did my hurt, i'm so scared that people will continue to judge me for it for the rest of my life even though now it seems to have stopped being mentioned. I'm so scared and i feel like God will always punish me for it on earth even though i think i've truly repented. i learned my lesson, BIG TIME and nothing like it will EVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN. Will God protect me from those who still want to talk about me?


  • Ofcourse God is going to help you. If you repented about it and really gave up on that then no one should bring it up. And if they will, God will deal with them because you are still his daughter and he won't let that happen to you. Just show them that you changed and how you think that dating is wrong and stuff. They can only change their opinion about you by your actions only. God Bless.
  • Listen the one thing we as humans make a big mistake with is we tend to beat ourselves up for the same mistake over and over and over again. If an animal makes a mistake in the wilderness it learns from it and moves on he does not beat himself up over the mistake over and over again he just doesnt do it again. But humans we like to keep punishing ourselves whether in our own minds or from family or friends. The moral of the story is if you made a mistake and acknowlegde that it is a mistake then repent from the bottom of your heart and move on. Like the adultress in the bible Jesus told here I know of your sins but sin NO more and live a new life. Don't worry about others thoughts only worry about what God thinks of you because he can destroy both body and soul and everyone else can just destroy your body. He has forgiven you just live a life according to his commandments and he will take care of you.

    God Bless

  • There is just one thing i wanna note..
    God isn't punishing you.. they just happen to be the consequences of your actions.. a cause and effect type of thing... just had to throw that in..
  • hey,
    If you really regret what you did God will definately forgive you. I think all this stuff is happening to you though because when you had that boyfriend, your relationship with God wasnt very close. I think God is allowing these things to happen to you because he wants you to pray more and he wants you to really ask for his help with all of your heart. He wants you to come to him with all your problems and love him as much as he loves you. And as for those people that are spreading rumors about you, well God will deal with them in the end because judging is also a very big sin. Just pray to God and he'll take away all the rumors and all your problems. God's love is greater than any love anywhere so he'll take care of you.

    God Bless,
  • [quote author=Mariam314 link=board=1;threadid=502;start=0#msg8138 date=1091394594]
    If you really regret what you did God will definately forgive you. I think all this stuff is happening to you though because when you had that boyfriend, your relationship with God wasnt very close. I think God is allowing these things to happen to you because he wants you to pray more and he wants you to really ask for his help with all of your heart. He wants you to come to him with all your problems and love him as much as he loves you.

    i think this verse might help you out a bit "Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." Matt: 11-28
  • ok. this is probably not wat u want to hear, but u have to hear it. in my church and the surrounding ones, they hold it against u untill u get married or something. dont ask y, thats just the way egys are. however, if uve really repented, God will either have them forget, or nothing will come of their talk. let me say one more thing, i know its not pleasant, but sometimes God wants us to remember our sin so we dont do it again and to humble ourselves.

    But, u seem like uve repented, so dont worry about it. ;D
  • Hey cremedelescremes,
    I know that alot of people have said alot of stuff. But i just wanted to add one thing.

    You said you feel as though you have truely repented, and have learned your lesson. Jesus has accepted that repentance. Not only that, but he has FORGOTTEN the whole thing. He said, "When I forgive, I forget" - and Jesus DOES NOT LIE. So He means it when He says He's forgotten all about it [if you've repented and confessed it].

    The whole letting go of it after its happened thing takes some time cause of our human nature. But, Jesus also promised to give you anything you asked for in prayer if it was according to His will. So why not pray and ask to *feel* forgiven??? If its His will, He'll give it to you. If its not then, as He said to St. Paul "My grace is sufficient for you, my strength is made perfect in weakness" - its a win-win situation. You've got nothing to lose.

    As for all these other people. Unfortunatly, the people will always be people, they will talk, they will gossip. But as others have said, this ISN'T God punishing you. This is the devil trying to make you fall again. Trying to give a reason to be angry of God. Trying to give you a reason to stay away from God thinking "Oh no, He's punishing me" - uh uh. Not true. And don't let the devil fool you either - he's the master of deciet, so he's pretty good at what He does, however, "He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world".

    God Bless ya.
  • GOD LOVES YOU. You are His precious child. God isnt punishing you as mentioned before..God accepts the repentance of sinners, "but is longsuffering toward us, not willing that anyone should perish but that all should come to repentance" (2 Peter 3:9), remember God is so happy when a sinner repents...He came so that He may gather us, the lost sheep, and bring us back to Him, return to Me, says the Lord of Hosts, and I will return to you" Zechariah1:3

    So cheer up, if you truly repented God is with you, and will be with you forever, by your side. So even if people say stuff about you let them say as they want, most importantly DO NOT LOSE HOPE. The devil doesnt care that much when we fall in sin itself, as much as he cares that we dont repent from it, he will keep putting u down, making you feel so guilty and will whisper into your ears saying that God will never forgive you. Remember that if you ever fall, you will rise again, "Do not rejoice over me my enemy for when I fall I will arise, when I sit in darkness the Lord will be a light to me" (Micah 7:8)
    So you have to be strong, and no matter what others say, just keep walking in Christ's light.
  • look, we all make mistakes and some are worse than others.... God doesnt punish u on earth but wat u feel are Gods pushemints are just consequences of your mistakes.... for example if you touch fire, u get burned... its not God who burns u but u did it to ur self but after time u start to heal.... it might take a while to heal depending on how bad u burned urself but theres always hope... put ur trust in the Lord and He will guide u to make the right decisions from now on... just pray a lot and talk to ur father of confession
  • hey ur in my prayers, i believe that God will come through for u, but dont forget u made the rite decision, u repented, with gods help of course but spiritually ur kool, just keep strivin for that, and dont worry about this world, cause remember we are not of this world...
  • well u sure its not the end of the world...God iz 4giving....he'll 4give u if ur willing 2 b 4givin....never lose doubt in Jesus...remember that he died on the cross 2 give us our salvation....he is a loving & compassionate long as u noe u did a mistake & wont do it again.....then its all good ;) people at church talk a lot about other people im sorry but i had 2 say dont listen 2 wat they say....people like gossiping & its WRONG!!!....
  • hey
    i'm not gonna say that God loves you... cause everyones already said that and we all know it lol
    but just remember..... it's not like u've done the biggest sin in the world... im not saying compare urselves to others n whatever else, but God does give us SEVERAL examples in the bible that we can go to... i mean theres MANY adultressess and theives n murderes that have repented n turned back to God, and went on to become amazing saints! i'm not saying go commit the biggest sin and become a saint, but if u truly believe that u've repented... then forget about it! ppl's talk should not interfere with ur relationship with God... they're only occupying themselves
    'dont tell God you got big problems... tell ur problems u got a BIG God'
    ^good quote lol
  • quick song we sing in sunday school with the kids.. we teach this song.. and they love it!

    "Problems move outa my way, im gona leave by faith (2x)
    cuz nothing can stand in my way so problems... its time to move on"

    u can replace 'problems' with "mountain" and "giant".. fun song.. and it comes with actions too! cool song.

    ok God Bless :D
  • hi all,
    thats all good what everyone wrote> i agree.
    My lil suggestion> Read Psalm 3>
    u hav done the right thing...repent and learn from the mistake
    psalm 3 is relevant and i hope will make u feel better.
    u should Thank God for everything that happens even if its so bad....everything happens for a reason. ;D
    dw bout wat ppl say....its just the devil playin with their thoughts...they dont know the truth, they only know wats bad coz its the lies of the devil >:(
    u should b happy that God has forgiven u n made u stop this sinning :)
    b cool ;)
  • Well my sunday school teacher said that if u really repented and confessed then ur sin is forgiven as we all know!!! but there will be consequences on earth!! even though ur sin is forgiven!! it isn't God's fault!! God did forgive u!!!! but on earth u will have consequences. u will have consequences even if ur sin is forgiven!!! but u r in my prayers!!!
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