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Hey i thought i would share this with you guys. Its pretty cool. Best part is when he talks about the person who converted to islam from christianity.

If you don't really have time, start it at 23 mins and listen. Its so funny.


  • That's brilliant! Im so worried still. He shouldn't have mentioned about the Pharmacist! All pharmicists in Egypt are Coptic Christians!! There could be so many attacks.
  • This was an awsome interview. My Sunday school teacher now, hewr grandpa had a similar story. He was a muslim in Egypt and he had a Christian worker. The Muslim owner would always treat the christian worker badly that one day he kept yelling at him when he finally slapped him on the face. The chiristian worker just looked at him and left the job. At night , the muslim owner knocked on the worker's door and saw all these saint's pictures, he told him since you left the job i couldn't sleep and i feel so guilty, what is it in you that gives you peace. So he started to tell him about christinanity, Pope Kyrollos baptized him, all hjis family wanted to kill him. A christian family helped him move to the U.S. His grad daughter who just got married is my suday school teacher. This converted worker just passed away recently and my sunday school teacher told us about his story for the first time, she said that it is becuase of him that she is chrostian now.And she started crying.
  • Thats a very good story as well. It is not only important to pray for our brothers and sisters already being persecuted for Christ, but it is also important to pray for our new brothers and sisters who find the truth.
  • wow that was such an awesome interview im soo proud of that guy lol GOD BLESS
  • Hello,
    My understanding was that this man converted but became Baptist and not Coptic.  I don't understand why given that he was living in Egypt and was surrounded by Coptic people. Its a shame he didn't become Coptic bearing in mind it was a Coptic Priest that helped him.
  • that is indeed an incredible interview but also an inspiration for all christians and a realisation at the types of influence one may have on others just by being compassionate and humble

    just a couple of points id like to mention:

    a) he read and almost memorised the WHOLE Koran by the age of 12years WOW

    b)he lost all, his status and high regard for questioning the principles of islam, his father tried to KILL him, and became a devote christian, its amazing how our Lord works within people

    c)actions are more powerful than words thus in reference to the thread should copts do anything; we should do as the Lord commanded;  to love our enemies

    d)God will provide us with many opportunities to influence others in our life no matter what occupation we are in

    e) i like how the irony of islam was presented ie. the religion of peace tried to hunt and kill him for questioning and converting- interesting thought but one also begins to think about christianity, if one (hopefully not) converts to islam or any other religion we dont go after them and kill them, we pray for their salvation

    God bless all and continue to work within us
  • I am not sure what type of Christianity he came into. However, being that thirsty for the word of God, he will probably strive to understand God in whatever Christianity he becomes a part of. Hopefully, his new understanding can allow him to become familiar with the types of Christianity.
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