What does the sign of the Cross mean?

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Brothers and Sisters,

Can anybody tell me why we say in the name of the Father and point to the head, and to the Son and point to the stomach, and of the Holy Spirit and point to both shoulders, left to right? If anybody else would like to add anything about the cross that they would like to share please feel free to do so.

Please pray for me always,
Believer in God


  • The sign of the cross is a sign for the HOLY TRINITY
    My educated guess would be......
    The father = the big thing, like in your family the big important person is the father = the most important part in our body is the head.

    The son = a father's right hand = the family middle part, because we said 1st part is the father, middle part is the son, last part is the girl/women

    The Holy Spirit = Makes sense that the father goes first for the head, the son in the middle and it is in the middle of the body, The Holy spirit I'd say because they are 2 words it would go for, Girl/Wife, Right left opposite from each other, Wife and a girl are opposite from each other. This is just an educated guess, any one can correct me if I am wrong.

    The father = Fathers are important in the family = 1st Important thing = Head

    The son = Father's right hand= 2nd important = stomach

    The holy spirt = Wife/Daughter= Opposite from each other = left and right!!

    ( I know, I have a wild Imagination!)

  • The Father, the son, the Holy Spirit = One god

    The head, the stomach, & the left and right of each pair of things we have = one BODY!!

  • i read something by Pope Shenouda, and this is what he said:

    The father is in heaven (head), the son came down to earth (down) to move us from the left to right.
  • Hummm........... Interesting! :-*
  • Thank you very much! If anybody else would like to add something please do.

    Please pray for me always,
    Believer in God
  • Anba Bola is right. The head represents the Father who is in Heaven, the stomach represents the Son who in humility came to Earth and was born of St. Mary, and the Holy Spirit represents, how by It's Grace we came from darkness into light (left to right).
  • That is very true anba bola and JY deacon
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