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    i agree communion is a sacred sacrament and should be respected but I agree with one of hizz child’s posts about needing cleansing through communion. There must be other consequences besides the denial of communion, its important to support her rather than drive her away with these ‘punishments’

    you are first cleansed of sin by repentense and coneffesion. and than communion is the sheild that keeps you cleansed. also the preventing of not taking communion is not another act that is linked with communion but it's part of repentense.

    ....(ps) sorry for being annoying or complicating things but i believe in these type of situations the church should have more of a supportive role than anything else, god does not punish so why should we, communion is important and to take that away from sumone who has repented and seeks forgiveness doesnt seem right, thats driving her away from the church............there must be other forms of 'punishments' the church cud implement

    the church never lets go of anyone. the priest would never do that. tha'ts why the preventing of communion comess from the priest or the father of conffesion not anyone else. this is not a rite or a rule in church to prevent people from taking communion but rather a spiritual way for people to learn what right. also like i said, the punishment is not really from the church, the churchs tells you what's right to do. you have the free will to do or not. as somone said in the previous posts, there is consiquences on earth and in heaven. by repentense, confession, and communion, the sin is fully erased from your sin record, but than what's on earth is still there for us to do and to take the responsibility of.
  • minagir,
    ur totally right lol u've made a number of good points and i cant think of anything else to say but that it was a good dicussion lol

    god bless n take care mate ;)
  • Agreed :D
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