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Hi im trying to find a teaching job so i moved to florida where my cousins and uncle and and aunt live.My aunt gets mad that im staying because she think i give her no respect and that i should apologize. Do you think that i should leave back to NJ or stay in florida and continue looking for a teaching job?

(Posted by my cousin whom I love dearly)

Please help me

God bless you


  • i dont get y shes mad at u
  • I also dont understand about your aunt. Is she in Florida and why is she angry at you, arent you staying at her house or something.
  • hii
    i think u can stay at florida but u can just try 2 just listen 2 ur aunt. 4 example......if she wants u 2 apologize 4 no reason just do watever she says....its realii noo problem.....i m not tryin 2 say aniithing... but im not sure if its a sin that she is doing but if it is god is going 2 judge HER not U soo just say sry 2 her and wenever and pray....
    i think u can move bak 2 jersy if u feel it is better and u hav more options.... i hope i helped u
    God bless
    pray 4 me
  • stay at florida
  • [quote author=jydeacon link=board=10;threadid=4898;start=0#msg66318 date=1169085757]
    i agree with Princess Mary. i couldn't have said it better myself

    where has that reply gone???
  • some one must have deleted it i will delete mine so as not to confuse anyone
  • sorry i deleted as 1 of my family members had logged on instead
  • ok no worries
  • [quote author=PrincessMary link=board=10;threadid=4898;start=0#msg66641 date=1169689297]
    sorry i deleted as 1 of my family members had logged on instead


    I have not yet discovered whom this "mystery" logger may in fact be. If all persons within a family deny immediate calim to such an identity then the real person behind the machinations is rationally presumed to be an individual outside the family. However, you seem to claim that in fact a familial member can be placed as responsible for this displacement of such post.
    What is most unusual is that the very post I placed in response to princess Mary's has also disappeared without my prior consent.

    Stange isn't it?
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