God among us

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Hay does anyone have the lyrics for the song "God is among us".. something like that.. its a translated song from arabic.. the chorus is 'our God, forgets us not. Our God loves us alot, Our God leads our way every single day.." etc etc.. if anyone has the lyrics that would be heaps awesome

thanks heaps


  • I have the arabic version "allah alazy lana"
    go to where it says DOWNLOAD FILE
  • thanks heaps but i just need the lyrics for the english version. does anyone have that? Sorry PrincessMary i should have been more clear
  • sorry, here you go i found the lyrics

    God With US

    Jesus Christ the loving Lord keeps us always in His ward
    He'll never forget us never! He is always there!


    Our God forgets us not
    Our God loves us a lot
    Our God leads our way
    Every single day

    Proudly we lift our heads in face of all evil threats
    If Lord Jesus is among us Who could be against us?

    Our hearts always enjoy singing and praising in joy
    Even when in deep despair God is always there!

    Our Savior Lord Jesus Forever living with us
    He directs us, He advises us Always watching us!
  • PrincessMary, can you please reupload the song (it has expired)... thank you so much...
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