St Joseph the elder

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Hey Guys,
if anyone has any info on St Joseph the elder i need it asap.. just about his life, characteristics, virtues etc.. thanks heaps

God bless


  • The best form of entertainment is in happily serving the Lord. God bless you dear F.R.O.G.

    May God bless this year, may He protect His Church, may He give us all courage and strength to serve Him better.

    If you mean St Joseph the Carpenter,
    Synaxarium, Commemorations for Abib 26

    • Repose of St. Joseph the Carpentar
    • Repose of Timothy I, Pope of Alexanderia

    1. Repose of St. Joseph the Carpenter

    On this day, the righteous man St. Joseph, the carpenter, who was worthy to be called the father of Christ in the flesh, departed at a good old age. The Holy Gospel bore witness that he was a righteous man, and God chose him to be betrothed to the all-pure, our lady, the Virgin St. Mary. When he finished his course, his strife, his toil in the journey together with the Lord and the Virgin Lady from Bethlehem to the land of Egypt, and the tribulations that befell him from the Jews, he departed in peace. When the time came for him to depart from this world, to the world of the living, the Lord Christ was present at his departure, and laid His hand upon his eyes. He extended his arms, and delivered up his soul, and was buried in the tomb of his father Jacob. All the days of his life were one hundred and eleven years; forty years before his marriage, fifty-two years married, and nineteen years a widow. His departure was in the sixteenth year of the advent of the Lord Christ. May his prayers be with us. Amen.

    and (an excellent resource);


    and more globally,

    May be I find more information later...

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  • thank you so much John_S200.. in our synaxarium it ses he spent 19 years of his life as a widower.. from searches on the net.. i know they arent accurate but they really confuse me. one says that he was married to salome n from there got 4 kids and then when she died he was a widower and then was betrothed to St Mary.. but in our church dont we believe that he was a virgin before and after.. if we believe that why does it say that he was a widower.. and if he really was a widower and was married to salome then he wouldnt have been a widow as salome was there at the birth of Christ.. can someone please help me out.. im pretty confused.. thanks

    God Bless
  • Hi FROG hope you enjoyed a nice Christmas-Nativity :D

    I do not have a precise answer right now (I need time to search and ask) but I think this way: there were many Mary, many John, many Joseph etc, so I figure there were many Salome!
  • According to what i have read St Joseph was a widower with one to two sons. He was an old man when he was called to the Temple.

    More details about Salome, some reliable (some are not)

    God bless you.
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