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happy new year i hope it's not too late to say that
2 Corinthians 3:6 not the first part of the verse but the second part of the verse which it says not of the letter but of the Sprit ; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. explain this verses to me in simple words , i read this verse a couple times and i still don't understand it and i don't understand what the spiritual meaning in it. Can this verse be applied to our life and how?


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  • in English it is a little onfusing. Knowing it in arabic it means that you should not be taking the Word of God Literarly (by letter) for it will have no meaning to you( or kills you) But listening to the words of God by your Spirit, or in other words, you need to feel his words rather than just memorizing every word and looking at it closely. For example when Jesus says "i came to bring sword to the world" he didn't literarly bring pain to the world but he meant that by his coming many divisions will occur between families, nations etc.
    I hope this helps
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