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I was wondering if anyone could please tell me a bit about Mother Ireni? I have only very recently learnt about her, and someone told me that she is like Baba Kyrillos in her miracles etc. In fact a friend even told me that Mother Ireni can fly, and that she flew into Hosni Mubarak's room, with Abu Seifin, when an order was given to demolish the Abu Seifin Nunnery's wall. Has anyone heard of this story, and can anyone please tell me a bit about her?

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  • i saw mother Ireni once but i was too young. She is of course a saint. She doesn't fly but like Anba Paula her soul can be in one place while her body is in another. For example she was in the hospital and her soul was taken up to heaven, she saw many saints, angels even God and described it as this beautiful light. Then her soul came back on earth and her face was so bright after this visit that everyone around her noticed it. She also has witnessed the church bus accident of St george church in egypt and saw the souls of all the dead going up to heaven as an andel gave them a cross and their appearnance became white as snow. I heard about Hosni Moubarak's incident but i can't remember if she is the one that appeared to him or not.
  • The story of her going into Husni Mobaraks room is a true story that she told herself to me and my family in one of our visits with her. she is a true saint and my family (my aunt) was very close to her. we got to visit her almost everytime we were in Egypt and have taken a great blessing. when ever she would tell a story about a miracle involving her she would say that she knew a nun who did such and such. but everyone new that it was really her she was talking about. she did this so as not to take any glory in herself. May her Prayers be with us all,
  • Ah thanks so much. Any further information is much appreciated!

    jydeacon, do you mind telling me the mubarak story. My friend told me but she wasnt totally clear on it.

    Again, as i said, if anyone has other stories about mother Ireni, or knows anything about her please post.

    Rabana maak,

  • well i will tell the story to the best of what i understood from what she was saying. at the time i wasn't that good at understanding the story. here goes.
    Hosni Mobarak wanted to build something in place of one of the nuneries can't remember what. so he asked some one that was in the helicopter what the building was. the guy responded a monastary for women. so mobarak said next time i fly over this area i want this building to be demolished. so the order was sent to the monastary and Mother Ireni said abu safen inta itsaraf. so one night abu safin came into her room and asked her to come with her to Mobaraks house. she wasn't sure if it was really him or not so she asked him to do the sign of the cross on her and on him self and then asked him if she could do the sign of the cross on him to make sure it was not a devil trying to trick her. so she found out it was him and went with him into mobaraks bedroom. Abu sefin said Mobarak, Mobarak, Mobarak, and mobarak woke up very scared and was surprised that he got in with out any one stopping him. so abu safin said i am the Lords servant and i do not want you to come near my monastary. so mobarak said ok and called a special emergency meeting the next morning. then abu safin went to some one else who was incharge of the demolition and woke him up by punching him in the side. abu safin said to him if you come near my monastary i will come and cut you into pieces my self. and thats really the whole story that i can remember. she told this story two years ago.
  • Woah, thanks so much jydeacon. Very interesting story! Its funny because I was reading about her funeral and they mentioned all the official government representatives that attended.. Really though, that story is simply amazing.. Though I have heard of other Saints (e.g. Mari Guirgus) appearing to people in person to stop them, or force them, to do something. Truly our church is so blessed to be able to lay claim to such spiritual people!!

    Anyway, if anyone else knows anything about Mother Ireni please share it here.

    Ma salaama,

  • No problem any time.
  • oh yeah i have some other stories if you would like that she had told us about if you would like just let me know
  • Yeah, please share them! It would be fantastic, and i would appreciate them tremendously (as im sure anyone else reading this thread would)!!
  • i have one story about abu safin healed suzane mobarak. Suzane mobarak had cancer and everywhere she went the news was grim. she began to lose her hair aswell (from the chemotherapy) her christian friend asked her to go to abu safin monastary and visit with Omina Irini. so she went as a last resort. she sat with Mother Irini and she went to go get abu safins blessing. when Omina Irini pulled out his body she felt it get very heay and thats when she says she knows that abu safin will do a miracle. so she put the body on her head and her body and where the cancer was. and then Tamav saw her hair immidietly grow back. later Suzane mobarak went to the docters and they couldn't find the cancer. after that Suzane said that whatever the monastary needed she would provide. (this story happened after abu safin went to mobaraks room like a year later)
    the surprising thing is that mobarak knows and saw all the things that happen and he still won't convert to christianity or at least show tolerance toward them.
  • i also have another story about how she went to heaven and saw Jesus and talked with him. well this happened many times. i will tell you about the time her brother died. Tamav was very upset and refused to see or talk or leave her room. so one time an angel (i think it might have been abu safin) came to her and said that the Lord of Glory wants to talk to you. she said, me? how can i talk with the Lord of Glory. He is so bright that it burns. the angel(or abu safin) said just come with me. so she went with him. she came and worshiped our Lord and he said to her why are you so upset that you brother has died when you know that he is with Me. she said i missed him and even you morned the death of Lazerus. He then told the angel to take her to her brother to see that he is in a better place. so the angel then took her to Paradise and saw that he was in a very high position and was standing next to saint mary. Tamav was surprised and asked him how did you get to such a high position. He told her how. and then she left and went back to God. so He said now are you happy you have seen him. she said yes. so then the Lord said that when ever you miss him you can come and visit him. after this experience her brother appeared to her for five days and then they held a special mass for him and many of the other nuns saw him appear dressed like a deacon and take communion. they also saw saint mary and other saints. during the mass.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • Actually its funny because I was just talking to my friend who told me about mother Ireni and she told me the Suzanne Mubarak story, and i said exactly what you said in regards to these things happening to Hosni and Suzanne and them not converting. Its not that i would want to force them to convert or anything, far from it, but the fact that they can see for themselves that these things happen. Indeed, i even brought up the case of Gamal Abdel Nasser being healed by Baba Kyrillos. At the very least though, its so important to have a President that at least knows about the power of the Coptic Church as it means he will be careful to not purposely attack it etc. Therefore, its just one more reason why Gamal Mubarak would be a good successor to Hosni because he would know from his mother and father that the Coptic Church is very very powerful. Anyway, if you can please keep the stories rolling.

    Ma salaama,

  • I heared that the healing of Suzanne was by Pope Kyrollis not Abu Sifain, I don't have any official proof of that but that's what I heared.

    About the conversion thing, keep in mind he is the president of a country that the majority of its population are muslims, with many of them that are "ekhwan", the same people that killed Anwar el Sadaat, he has to be scared for his life if he were to even mention the idea of converting to christianity. We should just be very thankful that we have him as our president, at least he didn't do as Anwar did, and he is very good with christians and with the Pope. He is also encouraging peace all over the world.
    Also, who knows what he really believes in...only God knows people's heart.
  • i am pretty sure it was abu safin because Tamav told us the story herself.
  • I LUUUUUUUUV omena Irini
    i would like 2 no bout her 2
    they hav books bout her but ther in arabic
  • I was in Egypt 2 weeks ago and I was lucky to visit Abu Seifein monastry in old Cairo. I prayed on mother Irini toomb.It was like floating in heaven. I was given the book in arabic about her life. It is amaizing how she was very humble even God blessed her and her family with miracles since her birth. I pray that every person who goes to Egypt shoul visit this wonderful convent
  • Yes she is truly a great blessing, i agree everyone who visits egypt has to go visit abu saifain convent in Old Cairo
  • Please should anyone needs any information about Mother Irini ask for it and I will be glad to answer back according to the book of her life and from the stories told to me by the Mother Superieur of the convent.
  • Who is the new head of the monastery rahisit el deir?
  • They have not put one in place of her yet because no one feels they can even come close to filling her shoes or meeting the bar that she raised
  • does anyone have a english translation of the book if they do please tell me A.S.A.P.
  • They have not translated it yet
  • Haha I have a book about her life.. check your church bookstore.. they might have it out..

  • i go to the monastary everytime i go to egypt, and also this year too i am going. and when i saw her, everyone was full of joy, and they were awful loud. and i think they brought a kid who she cured, and he was with her, i think the kid's name was Philopater.
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