Immigration madness

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Hello Coptic ladies and gentlemen.
I know many of you are young and came here with your parents or you were even borned here.
So you didn't have to fight the immigration Battle,and may be you have no idea how it works.
And why should you care you have all legal right you can ask for.But what you don't know that a friend or tow or even a church member is suffering right now and dreams every day about being deported (forced to go back to Egypt).
And what do we do about it ????? nothing ?
When election comes whom do you cote for? no one or sometimes for those who are against immigrants.
Latin communities all over the states are fighting for better life for friends and family members ,but us !!!!! we only fight battles if it effects us.

Mr. George W. Bush is signing new laws for those who are illegal and came from the borders, to give them the right to work and have a better life.
That's right, only illegals will be rewarded. Everybody doing things legal will more likely to be slapped in the face by the skyrocketing waiting times.
They are still fighting alone, waitting for years for the court to make a decision in their favor .Cause if not they will have to appeal and pay 8000 to 10000 attorney fees (i can write a book about those fees so I'd rather not to open this subject really).
But why pay all that much money??? they can pay 200 dollars to post a personal add in one of those dating website and get married . And what sacrifice will they have to make? Make love to their partner? Oh bring it on. ;D
I ben in the states for 8 years now and i reached a point that i couldn't renew my work authorization and no one wants to hire me even with my good experience .
Don't have any more money to pay lawyers ,and I'm afraid that now i wish i had listened to my friends from the beginning and took the easy way..................
....................Got married to an American girl..............................


  • [quote author=little phareo link=board=10;threadid=4757;start=0#msg64936 date=1166201512]
    Don't have any more money to pay lawyers ,and I'm afraid that now i wish i had listened to my friends from the beginning and took the easy way..................
    ....................Got married to an American girl..............................

    Haahhahahahahahahaha............ Ya retha ya lilttle phareo kanat that easy!
    Bos ya sedi,
    My family is suffering from the same problem (IMMIGRATION!). If one of your parents take the Ciztizenship then you take it if you are under 18, and my family were waiting for about 7yrs for something to come, and when it did I turned 18, so yeah hazi keda.........! so now, I Applied for me, and i have to wait for like 6 more years or something to be a citizen!
    THe people who give you the test, they were pretty mean I think they are racists to arabs!
    I did read an article about people in California Sued the gov't because of immigration problems, One guy he is been waiting for more than 10 yrs to go and get his Oath of Alligence done and he did pass his interveiw, another family have been waiting for about 17 yrs for something to come and there is nothing!
    However, I saw this guy that married an american, he married her in egypt, and she brought him here, and in less than 6 months he got his green card/allien card, and I am sure he is a citizen now, and that was like a year ago!
    But as christians, we are doing it in a way that requires lots of patiences like god, and need time and tooleat baa`l.
    You-know? Immigration officers need someone geleas and baraa`d! we 3ndoh toleat baa`l, and willing to do put up with their ugly attitude to get the citizenship!
    pray for me,
  • Marrying an american, will solve your immigration problem.
    However, it will cost you alot more later one.
    Example, I am sure the woman/man you are going to marry is not the person you want to be with for the rest of your life, and want him/her to raise your children american style, and he/she is not the person you want to grow old with...... etc......!

    When you decided to divorce that woman/man after you get your citizenship, The woman gets 1/2 of everything you have, and if you had children with her, she might make you pay child support, and take more money from you!
    When you decided to remarry to an egyptian person, who she/he deserves your heart and true love, then would you want your children from the american marriage to call her....... STEP MOTHER??? ( meraa`t aboia??)

  • Well bent baba yasou3 ....
    Thank you for taking the time to tell me your must ben hard on you i feel that i'm not alone.

    but sorry, that didn't make me feel better.In fact worse.
    ana ya setty 27 years old came here alone when i was 19.
    I have tow cases pending and none of them gives me the right to get work authorization .

    All you heare in the news is new laws for the favors of illegal?
    Well how about us who already have cases pending.

    Well rabena me3ana
  • LOL
    You are fast
    Yeah first marrying a man wasn't really what i was thinking

    And i'm all againest getting married for papers .but i went out of ideas.
    i promise u if i get married to an american girl i won't have kids with her unless i'm sure they will be raised right.
    it was my dream to marry a coptic girl and have a coptic family but ameri-coptic family will work also...... i guess
  • hey little phareo... can you add "No, wait, Try prayer first" to your vote options?
    I would pick that one.

    rabana ma3ak
  • my friend lived in the united states for the past 10 years. had a great job and was making lots of money. his whole family is in the usa. once he got to America he got married to stay and it did not work!!! after 10 years of extremely successful live in the US he had to go never to come back again. life he build within these 10 years vanished with one deportation letter. Marriage for papers not always works and if it doesn't the consequences are high.

    do not grief after America, trust God. he knows what place is good for you and where you will be happy free from all you are going through. ask God to show you were to go. my friend did and he has a new life that is more promising than it was. Do not worry and be upset, God will dry your tears and fix the pain of disappointment in your heart and than you will thank Him for what happened. new beginning will hurt as you think everything you work for has gone to ruin and others had it so easily. do not compare yourself to them but trust God!!! believe me if you don't Devil will swallow you up. He is awaiting your anger and sadness to bring you down. He will tell you that there is no other place for you to be and will exaggerate the emotions.

    Trust in God's divine providence. I know it will be hard as we do not share God's will for us but this is the reason why we get into trouble and into situations like that.

    pray for me for I also have some immigration issues. God help you
  • [quote author=AnbaBola link=board=10;threadid=4757;start=0#msg64949 date=1166210044]
    hey little phareo... can you add "No, wait, Try prayer first" to your vote options?
    I would pick that one.

    rabana ma3ak

    i tried to add it but won't let me .

    But any way i need all ur prayers for everyone has this problem ,Bentbaba yasou3,M&M and me.
  • we ma3ak,
    So....... I think immigration office in general need to be nice and generous.
    I understand what you are going through; however, I suggested to my dad to marry an american over my mom, and my mom marry an american over my dad, and my siblings get married, and i get married to an american guy..... and i don't want to say how that went...... but let's just say I AM GLAD TO BE ALIVE! :P
    ahahhahahahahahahhaa....... nah it wasn't that bad!

    So if you moved here when you are 19, so that means you enrolled yourself in college? and i assume you have some kind of a degree???

    What is the reason they refuse??

  • [quote author=bentBABAyasooa` link=board=10;threadid=4757;start=0#msg64964 date=1166234191]
    and i don't want to say how that went...... but let's just say I AM GLAD TO BE ALIVE! :P
    ahahhahahahahahahhaa....... nah it wasn't that bad!

    looooool ok you are funny

    and no i didn't inrole in college and i don't have any digrees
  • and no i didn't inrole in college and i don't have any digrees

    then what is the renew
  • i agree with AnbaBola patience is the key,
    you sound quite frustrated at the situation your in and i wouldnt blame you,

    m&m pointed it out nicely, trust in God and he will lead you in the right direction, we know not what the future holds or the will of God

    i myself came to Australia, so i didnt experience many problems but my parents did, BUT the important thing to remember is that you can and will overcome this hurdle in your life

    i think little phareo gained his visa or permanent resident thing (unsure of what thats called in america) via employment and thus since he is no longer employed which was the condition of entry then he may be asked to leave

    but i think you should be determined and enshallah you will find employment and will not need to marry a chick for citizenship purposes

    in saying that marriage should be not considered lighly, it is a serious and important commitment, one we should be making once in our lives and have thought about thoroughly, it is a holy sacrament as you know and we cannot talk about marriage so loosley

    i have seen a number of relationships where people marry someone for the sole purpose of citizenship and have failed, we should learn from them rather than make the same mistake

    but you can familiarise yourself with girls in your local area and have marriage in the back of your mind, just remember that you marry them because you love them and want to spend the rest of your life with them not for a piece of paper
  • I personaly agree with u guys and glad the result wasn't as bad as i though it will be.
    I think marriage should be based on love and understanding other wise it will end with a divorce or cheating.
    But it was my friends that keep teling me i'm wrong and every one else done it why not me.

    you guys remmber father ibrahim he was promised a son but he didn't wait or trust gods promises ,he went and got married to hager. And as a result , god's promises was delayed 25 year .

    three things we should trust god in:.

    First his love he loves us and loves to take good care of us.
    Second his wisdom no matter how right u think u are .
    Third his promised (The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.)

    May he blesses us all
  • little phareo:

    I am sorry to hear that you have to go through so much trouble and the recent political developments do not make it easy for you. But, if I understand you correctly you have been in the states for some years, you might have a good chance to get the 'green card' based on your residency.... it is a lot of paperwork, but it might be worth a try. Unfortunatly I must advice you check with a lawyer first. I hope that helps you and God be with you.
  • Little Phareo,
    I totally understand your point, and I agree with you complelety. Your friends are right too, every body had done it but that doesn't mean you should do it. I don't know what to say, you are just great, you are refusing to get married to get the papers and you have lived here in the US and worked here and you know the language, you know how to deal with the americans, you know how to live here, you are capable of living here, and you don't want to do it so you won't live miserable for the rest of your life. I know somebody who doesn't have all those abilities and he got married to a girl that he only knew for 5 months, he knew her, engaged her, and got married and lived together for a month. all this happened in 6 months including this month of marriage, because he just wants to come here. And don't worry that girl is not me, but she is my best friend. You don't how much she was happy before she got married, and how miserable she is now. She was born here, she is not that kind of person who knows that marriage is a holy sacrement, or what marriage is made for or any of that stuff. She doesn't speak arabic very well though, but this is not the problem, the problem is she is already married and as coptics, THERE IS NO WAY OUT OF IT, they can't get divorced after he gets his residency or green card or whatever. And to be honest, I don't know why she couldn't say NO, while she was able to. If you want an advice from a sister, DON'T DO IT. you won't only have a miserable life yourself, you will have a miserable family. Don't do that to your family. Marry the one you love and live happily whereever, you don't know what is best for you.
    I am sorry if I was too harsh, of course you are free to do whatevery you want, but I gave you an example so you won't repeat the same problem. I have not experienced the problems you are going through right now so I don't know what kind of a hard time you are having but GOD is always here for you and for every one in your situation.
    Please pray for my friend and for me.
  • Little Phareo,
    Above all, as it was said, u must trust in our Lord and Saviour (as difficult as this may be considering how small minded and unfaithful we are compared with the Almighty plans and faithfulness of Christ).
    I think this brings us to another important topic however. There is not one verse in the bible that is untrue.... so when Christ says "ask and you shall receive" He means it. I truly believe however that there is a "catch" , if u will, to this verse. Yes God will give us what we desire just as he said... but the reality of the situation is that The Almighty is quite aware of the results of the very things that we desire if we should so receive them. Meaning, while we desire certain things, these same things are oftentimes not in our best interests, and other times, downright harmful. So the way that we should present it is "God, I would like kaza; if it is in Your Holy Will and in keeping with your Commandments, please let it be so. I have found in my personal life, that if u put God's will first in your life, He will reward u with something Sooooooooooooooooooo much better than u could possibly have conjured up for yourself. His ways of getting u there may be difficult for u to bear, but the end result is unbelievable. I will provide 3 examples: 1st from my own life.... it was in no way, shape, or form 3 years ago in my own will to be married. I was living a life of sin that was causing me to wither away from within. I was fully aware of my sin and wanted it to stop. To make a long story short, I met a girl that I ended up getting engaged to pretty much against my personal wishes.... although Satan put every manner of evil thought and temptation in my mind and in front of my eyes during the 2 years that we were engaged and I was on the brink of breaking it off countless times, I withheld for 1 reason alone.... I asked God to provide me with any method of stopping the sin that I was in even if it meant living the rest of my life with an individual that I did not truly desire as we all wish that we would desire our lifelong partners. Anyway, it was a disastarous engagement period, but we stuck through it, and I kept asking God to show me if this was the right one......and now, I am married to the same girl, who is the most wonderful, loving wife and Child of God that I could ever have met. I feel truly blessed to have her, every day that i wake up and look at her, she becomes more beautiful in my eyes. Only GOD can provide this sort of gift. We can not wish such riches on ourselves.
    On the other hand, I know of a woman who was barren. She SOOOOOOOO desired to have a child of her own and to that avail, continued to pray and have the entire Coptic world pray for her for countless years. There was no consideration for the Lord's will in the matter. So to this end, God answered her prayers as she desired..... Her son is around the age of 18 now. He lives at home with the mother when he is not in prison, and beats the mother on a daily basis when he is there. Her life has become a living hell on earth. Although I cannot speak for God, I can say that I truly believe the saying "be careful what u wish for".......
    finally, I heard Anba Youssef give a sermon once on seekign marriage partners. He basically stated that the reason that so many marriages are unsuccesful is due to the fact that we don not ask God for a partner as Adam did.... instead we bring someone to God and say "God, I want this person" That is not at all how i worked with Adam.... Adam told God his problem, that he was lonely. God worked it out for him and brought Eve to him. This applies to all areas of our life. So when we desire to be in America for example, it is probably best for us to present it to God as "I would like religious freedom", or "I would like to be able to make a decent life for my family" etc, etc, and let God work out the details. I hope all of this made sense, please accept my humble opinion. God Bless u all and grant u every one of your heart's desires, in the way that only He knows how"
  • WOW Forgiven1, im speechless, thankx heaps for sharing it, i especially like your final note, about how we often bring people to christ and say we want her or him instead of waiting for God, but its soo true, there isnt much patience and when your impatient,you lack in faith
  • Wow. Forgiven1 I too am speechless. The story of you & your partner is so cute :P & that barren lady so sad. People like that deffinetlyy need our prayers. As does little phareo.
    +God Bess
  • Dear brother Forgiven 1
    I cant tell you how much your openion made me think and regret the way i was treating god-i guess that meant that i'm also speachless.
    I was asking god for things that my heart desires,but i didn't ask for the right things and i didn't ask the right question.

    +++++++And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.+++++

    And even when i do ask for the right thing, i don't ask with faith. I ask god to help me make my papers but my heart depends on my lawyer to do it.
    Thank you very much for opening my eyes to what i have ben doing wrong.And sorry if it took me so long to reply.
    May god bless you always and your family.

    pray for your little brother
  • Keep us in your prayers Little Phareo !
  • Guys, I really appreciate the feedback, I am so glad that it meant something to u guys, lets me know that the Lord can touch hearts through His lowliest creature. I wish u the same happiness and Blessings of our Lord Kerestina and Hizz Child. My Brother Phareo, God speaks through all of us as He chooses... u too have made me realize ever more my weaknesses. It is sooooooooo true what u said, we ask God for things but then we really dont believe that He is going to do it. O, how beautiful it would be if we could just have that faith of a mustard seed!!!! But alas, we tend to do exactly what u said, we rely on our lawyers/doctors/friends etc. etc. rather than just having that child-like faith that we need so desperately to have. I am no better than any in this department my friend.... when I ask Jesus for something, I always like to put in to God that I have faith(am trying to have faith) but please forgive my unfaith. We are so stricken by "rationality" and skepticism; One of the greatest tools of the devil, to make us doubt the word of God. We must constantly remind ourselves though, it could not be in any plainer language than u quoted from the Bible in your last post. All we have to do is ask in the right way and BELIEVE. Easier said than done for a sinner such as myself. Whether you will get your papers or not, i cannot say, but I CAN tell u one thing with utmost surety my Brother... ALL things work together for the greater Good for those who trust in the Lord.... first and foremost for the glory of God, and then for our own happiness and benefit. I have experienced this so many times myself. When God does something sooo amazing for me, I have realized that in the end, it all adds to His glory just as it is written, because I cant hold myself from sharing with others how Good He is to me even though I am the least deserving of his creatures. We must ALWAYS remember this point as well. In all things, glorify God.... to Him personally and in the presence of others. Everythign will work out beautifully in the end my friend, believe that. Again, God bless u all richly, every one, and Merry Christmas!!! Keep me in your prayers please friends.
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