African Mission trips Information

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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering if anyone had any information about the African mission trips? I would really appreciate any priests or bishops contact information that are related to these blessed mission trips.

Thanks in advance,
In His Name


  • where r u based at? Cause I know St Marks DC organise these trips quiert often from what i see . check their website i think its
    They also have a huge range of sermons on there and actually have live video /audio link . I have just finished listening/looking at their wed morn liturgy :)
    God Bless

  • This group does work in Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria and Zambia:

    Come and Join Us
    The Coptic Orthodox Mission in Africa is in need of servants. "The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few" says the Word of God. There is work to be done in areas that span a wide spectrum of skill sets and activities. No matter what your vocation, talent, or skill is, there is great capacity for you to serve. If you are interested in donating your time for either long or short term missions:

    Primary Contact: His Grace Bishop Paul
    Email: [email protected]

    Secondary Contact for Spiritual and Humanitarian Service: Father Moses M. Shafik
    Email: [email protected]

    Secondary Contact for Health and Medical Service: Aida Samir
    Email: [email protected]
  • Geraldine,

    I’m actually living in the states (northwest) and I know for a fact that the churches in my state do not take part officially in the African mission trips. Which is why I’m a bit at loss for resources or contact information. The link you provided does not seem to work but thank you for your efforts nonetheless, its greatly appreciated.


    I’m not sure how a link of a map of your state is going to help me reach Africa, lol but thanks for trying any ways I appreciate it.


    Thanks heaps and I have emailed the contacts you provided. I have yet to receive a response but I assume they are positioned in Africa so its expected that it might take a while until they contact me. But thank you, you’re amazing and your help is greatly appreciated.

    Any more info on the African mission trips would be highly helpful in my decision-making!!!

    Thanks in advance
    In His Name
  • joyisGod...

    the link geraldine posted is right.. but she was off by one letter... its
    but thats only the main site..

    go here:
  • joyis good,
    being in the states i couldnt really help you, since im from australia and they have mission trips here too but i just wanted to commend you on your passion for wanting to be involved ;), its really good to see
  • Hey Does anyone know where i can find any contacts of churches that do these mission trips in africa from AUSTRALIA?? also do they actually do it over christmas holidays??

  • hey baladoos,
    im not aware of anything over the Christmas holidays but the best person to speak to is the chick mentioned below

    Date: end of June - mid July 2007
    Cost: $2,500
    Cost includes: flying Qantas to Johannesburg. All accommodation and food
    Contact Debbie Armanious on [email protected]

    ummmm..i hope ive provided the right details, any questions about the above just buzz me ;)
  • Ohh thanks very much Kerestina, i will try that.

  • Hi there.
    Sorry for the confusion with the web site !!! If you explore this site of St. Marks DC. it has all sorts in there - I especially enjoy the live broadcasts of services etc and they have a vast store of sermons online :)
    Also ver recent blogs on their field trip to Africa


    God Bless


  • us...

    WE just had a mission trip to africa and they came back 2 weeks ago..
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