Is it really that bad to have a girlfreind

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Is it that bad if you have a girlfreind but dont get sexual?


  • could you elaborate on the nature of the relationship we are talking about so we can answer your question!
  • george why...u like someone...ill tell amo! LOL jp jp
  • dating is fine, but it depends on your age
    the sole purpose of dating is that it leads to marriage
    the prob these days, is that dating becomes a joke, ppl are dating a number of different ppl, and the only thing their thinking about is fitting in,

    you sound like a young guy george, there's nothing wrong with befriending girls,but just be careful with dating,

    you've prob heard these type anolgies before, but i like this one, imagine our heart is like a block of chocolate, every time we date someone they take a peice of our chocolate, so at the end, when we get married the final half isnt get the whole chocolate but a block with missing peices

    ive seen many ppl fall into depression due to fallen relationships, so be careful and only date when your ready and with the right intentions
  • kerestina that makes ALOT of sense...i never heard that before (the chocolate thing)
  • some people might hate me for questioning everything.. I hope not..

    But can't God heal broken hearts and can't God give you back everything you've lost by having a relationship at the wrong time?
    Can't He make you completely over an old relationship?
  • [quote author=mikeforjesus link=board=11;threadid=4740;start=0#msg65241 date=1166694541]
    some people might hate me for questioning everything.. I hope not..
    But can't God heal broken hearts and can't God give you back everything you've lost by having a relationship at the wrong time?
    Can't He make you completely over an old relationship?

    mikeforjesus, if anyone shows any frustration at your questions, its due to concern for you, we cannot judge one another, we are brothers and sisters in christ and if this site is assisting you, then ask away my friend but you need to also seek answers for questions from your FOC. besides how do u learn if u cant ask questions?? God bless you mike, your a good man

    anyways, through God, time will heal broken hearts but i dont see why God will give you back what you have lost, that just defeats the purpose of learning, because if you know God will always give you what you lose, then you might date people more often for the wrong reasons, dating is in preparation for marriage not to assist in fitting in or socialising.

    it also needs to work both ways, if you want God to help you get over someone, you need to do your bit, for example, you cant say god help me get over jenny, and then continue dating her, you also need to take measures to help yourself, as is always said do what you can and leave the rest to God

  • is only to prepare for marriage? ...hmm whaaaatabout....having like a best guyfriend...(kinda like a bf) ...but not dating...make sense?
  • If after all of this you Georgeously Kool dont get it and dont know wat to do than here if you really like some one become friends but not boy/girl friends and only meet as a group or with a group NEVER MEET ALONE always meet in public areas after a while you will look at that girl differently not only a piece of meet that is cute but a human being. I heard something once and it goes like this everyone is a good person if you get to now them not as too cool people going out but as too good friends.
  • look georgeously kool, it is not bad to have a friend from th opposite gender. however, if u start dating, u may say its nothin personal. but, it wil lead to somethin bad. and that wil cause a sin. then its harmful. though sometimes parents stil dont lke both boys and girls hangin out together lke at the prk. but thats kk. just as long as we dont get 2 picky. if u no wat i meen. lol :) ;)
  • if u r old enough...then i dont think theres anything wrong with it as longs as abouna and ur parents no then i think its ok...but i agree tht u should rllyy be carefull because its rllyy rlly hard to get over a break-up...
  • Well, i just want to say a few things:

    a) be careful who u date: make sure they don't lead u away from Christ.
    b) Before point a), make sure that when u date, it isnt playing around, or dating someone u KNOW u will never marry.
    c) What is dating for a Christian? Isnt getting to know the other person?

    A pastor said once that he married his wife because he was running towards Christ, and met someone that was running also in the same direction towards Christ. Because they were running at the same speed towards Christ, they said to themselves :"hey, why don't we run together?"

    How we live our lives should be a testimony to our faith. I mean, everyone I knew at school were having sex. And all this was labelled under the huge banner "dating". Of course one day you too have to get to know someone to get married, but its better to be single than to be led into any temptation.

    Another final piece of advice: even if u date a good girl: don't spend time alone. Always go out to public places... never be scared to show her your faith and your values. I think if u did this, you'd be friends very quickly.

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