White Lies

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I have recently got a job (after 1 year of searching) yet I do not feel good about it for I lied on my CV and asked my friends to reference for me. I was sending fake CV for I had no experience to put on it. One day I realized that it was wrong and I decided to depend on God to help me thus I changed my CV to original one. I received some responses (more than in case of my fake CV). After many months of searching I received an invitation for an interview. I decided to research if the CV the company received was the fake one or not. After my check I was positive that it was the very true CV. After my interview I learned that in fact the CV the company had was the fake one and I asked God to take that job away from me for I did not want to lie anymore and make others lie for me. I knew that because I had been looking for a job for so long and that job was all that I ever dreamed of, I would be unable to resist the temptation and not lie to get it. I beged God to take it away form me but He gave me the job and I made other people lie to voucher for my references. He made the referencing process extremely easy for usually companies require written confirmation of employment ext. and this time all they needed was to make a phone call. I feel so bad and I do not deserve this job. I feel that I have just condemned my self to Hell. Job has proven to be more to me than salvation of my soul. I am happy that I do have a job now and that everything went so easy ( that lies were not discovered) but I am not happy that I lied. I found out also that I got this job not because of my CV but because of my excellent responses during the two interviews. I am happy for He gave me the job (I know it is form Him for I asked God to take it away form me if He was displeased with my behaviour and He would never ignore my plea) but I hate the fact that I new I would lie and I did without fear of God’s wrath. Will God ever forgive me?


  • just confess about what you did and God will definetly forgive you he never turns the sinners back.

    God Bless and Pray for me and my weakness
  • Dont worry

    God is always there to forgive you for your sins, no matter what.

    Just tell your father of confession, and ask him for his advice.

    God will never turn his face away from a sinner that wants to receive his blessings.

  • Hi Klara,
    Your question was very sincere and honest and it made me think about the little white lies i do (or have done). (i had problems asking the right questions to bus conductors). Its not good to get into the habbit of white lies at all.

    Lying doesnt come in colors at all.

    On a CV, exaggeration of the truth in anyway is not a white lie. Its a big black lie. point. I remember once after i graduated by a few months, some recruiting agency asked for my CV, i sent it to them (after a 40 min interview with them), and i had 1000's of interviews. I went to one interview, and said to the manager: "Excuse me, could i just see the CV?" - i looked at it, and the agency had added stuff that i've never even heard of.

    I was laughing even.. i couldnt believe it.. but such a lie isnt light at all - i could have sued them!! In fact, another agency did the same thing to my friend also, and she actually DID sue them!!

    I don't know what your field is, but as a professional engineer, its a very dangerous thing to exaggerate on experience.

    Now, when i go to interviews, i actually look forward to the part where they ask u your weaknesses because i feel that if there is ANY exaggeration whatsoever in my CV, then i know the truth will come out in that question. In fact, that question is my insurance policy so that once i answer it fully and honestly, i know the job i get is what i can handle at least.

  • Thank you all for your comments, God Bless You!

    Hi Vassilios,

    On my CV I lied about a position held and dates of employment. I know that if I had courage enough to trust God from the beginning I would have gotten that job regardless of my CV (the coloured CV was not really that much better than the original). The company was looking for a fresh graduated with no experience and they were extremely happy with my performance during the interview. I feel very bad for my lack of faith that led me to sin. One thing for sure, I look at laying completely different now and I try to watch myself so that I do not do it again. This sin made me my heart ache.

    Please pray for me so that God forgives me my lack of faith and so that I always remember that our weaknesses are blessing for through them God's name can be glorified.
  • why do we fall? so we can rise back up strong...

    pray for us klara...
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